Pradhan research Group

Human Performance Laboratory

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department

University of Massachusetts Amherst

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We are interested in the etiology of injuries and fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes from a human factors and behavioral standpoint. This group's research goal is to uncover and disseminate evidence that can contribute to the safe mobility of road users, that can inform policy, and that can lead to technological and educational innovations for improving the road safety record.

Our research covers driver behavior and traffic safety with a focus on: the human factors of advanced vehicle technologies and automation; young and novice drivers; and, training and intervention. Professor Pradhan has worked on a number of research projects in these areas using experimental and observational approaches using driving simulation, test tracks, and naturalistic methods.

OUR laboratory

Our group, led by Professor Anuj K. Pradhan, conducts research using various methodologies, approaches, and tools. Professor Pradhan is a co-director of the Human Performance Laboratory at UMass. The lab contains, among various other research tools,  a high-fidelity advanced driving simulator - an experimental platform that we use to conduct experiments to examine and understand driver behaviors. The driving simulator can be tooled to simulate various driving situations, and in addition can be programmed to simulate vehicles with Advanced Vehicle Technologies, or those with Automated Driving Systems. Essentially the driving simulator can simulate an Automated Vehicle - a vehicle that 'drives itself' with the driver not operating any of the vehicle controls. This experimental platform is used by our group, in concert with eye-trackers and other sensors, to conduct research on driver behavior and safety, including research on trust, mental models,  use of ADAS systems, simulation methodologies, and driver training. 

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