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Makerspaces that grew out of maker culture are areas or spaces where people gather to ideate, collaborate, make and create. In a makerspace, people focus on sharing supplies, skills, and ideas and often work together on DIY projects. Makerspaces allow makers to touch and feel their product after designing and subsequently building it. As one of the Makerspaces, Makerspace@UM was established in 2021 under the Makers@University program initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. The establishment of Makerspace@UM is an effort to create a working space within the university that enhances innovation and creativity and to inculcate the Maker Culture among students, staff, and the general public. This makerspace has various tools and equipment, such as 3D printers, laser engraver, desktop computers and microcontrollers/microprocessor learning kits. Makerspace@UM aspires to enable everyone to create the things they desire! Makerspace@UM offers unlimited learning possibilities that enable everyone in the community to create the things they dream of. We support a vibrant and inclusive community of makers, from hobbyists to professionals, to stimulate innovation and have fun. Makerspace@UM is excited to embark on the Maker Movement in line with the trending STEM and STEAM curriculum. Join us to experience how art, STEM and innovation come together within Makerspace@UM

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