Counselor's Corner

Welcome parents and students to an exciting 2023-24 school year. Kazen Elementary's Counseling Center is equipped to help you reach your  academic and personal goals.  Please visit the different tabs for counseling information, resources, and monthly events.  Parents, we encourage you to  build connections between home and school by attending our  monthly sessions.  We continue to implement daily Social Emotional Lessons in the classroom .  Guidance counseling classes provide research based curriculum that promote character development. I encourage families to  have conversations  on the weekly traits to help students develop social skills and learn how to self-regulate emotions. Together we can help our Litte Lions develop character and a growing mindset.

UNITED ISD Guidance and Counseling Mission Statement

The Guidance and Counseling department intentionally plans, organizes, and implements a comprehensive school counseling program aligned to the Texas Model that assists all students in their personal, social, academic, and career development. Professional School Counselors (PSC’s) collaborate with stakeholders to meet the individual needs of each student by implementing supports aiding in student growth which further cultivates their development into global citizens.

Class overview

Welcome to Ms. S. Hinojoza's School Counseling Website!  I am the school counselor for Kazen Elementary School.  I have the priviledge of working with our students through classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling, and individual counseling.  I also collaborate with school staff, parents, and the community to provide resources that best meet the needs of students.



Multiple classroom visits are scheduled throughout the school year in which I have the opportunity to interact with every student during in-class or virtual lessons.  Lessons typically last 30 minutes in length and cover topics that build social emotional learning.  Visit the student resource center for resources related to monthly themes. 


Some students will benefit from one-on-one counseling for academic, social, career, or emotional development. Referrals may be made by parent, school staff, teacher(s), counselor, and students.   


Small groups are available to students who may benefit in developing academic, social, or emotional skills along with their peers. Groups can have anywhere from 3-8 members and usually meet once a week for a period of several weeks.