anti-racist, anti-oppressive, & inclusive education

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2023-2024 Significant Dates

2023-2024 Inclusion Calendar is Changing Formats!


This calendar is a tool for inclusive practice.  Inclusive planning is done to ensure various days of significance are built into planning events, due dates, assessments, etc. Inclusive planning also aims to de-center white, colonial, and Christian days of significance which have historically been the center of all planning.  Please note that several of the dates may change slightly due to their dependence on the timing of the moon.  

Equity-based decision making process

We know that good impact must outweigh good intention.  Please use the resource directly below to help make equity-minded decisions in your class, practice and school. All the resources linked in this document are also found on this main page. 

School Equity Team Decision Making Process

foundational components 

Doing the work of anti-racism, anti-oppresion and inclusion well requires a solid understanding "why" and "what".  Specific learning opportunities, resources, initiatives and events found on this site are to support staff in a deep understanding and application of anti-racism, anti-oppression and inclusive education practices anchored in the main documents directly below.  

Foundational Understandings

UGDSB - Foundational understandings

UGDSB Equity Plan

Progress Report Dec 2020 - Equity Plan 2019-2022

UGDSB Critical Thinking Prompts to SUpport Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive Stance

(Adapted from Natasha Henry resources)

UGDSB Critical Prompts
All Glossary - Antiracism, AntiOppression.pdf

Glossary of terms

Anti-Racism and Anti-Black Racism

Glossary - AntiOppression and Inclusion Terms.pdf

Glossary of Terms


Conference Session Aug 25 2022

De-Centering Privilege, one of the sessions from the Summer Conference

2022 Summer Conference

Deselection and Selection of Materials 

Thank you to Lauren Bull and past staff of the Terry James Resource Centre for their leadership in this important work. 

Deselection Resource

Selection Resource

wellness resources 

Please see this resource for responding to and supporting through hate and violence in the world

Classroom and School Supports - Trauma and Tragic Events

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Site - UGDSB 


School Mental Health Ontario 

(click site image)


Found on the UGDSB Student Mental Health and Wellness Site - School Mental Health Ontario


Found on the UGDSB Student Mental Health and Wellness Site - School Mental Health Ontario

Resources and Supports - Islamophobia

Internal Use Resources ~ Islamophobia

Resources and Supports - Transphobia & Homophobia 

Public Use - Resources for addressing Transphobia & Homophobia

Resources and Supports - Responding to Hate

Internal Use - Responsive Resources - Hate Actions, Racism, Oppression

Food AccesS


Guelph Food Access Resource, 2022

Additional resources

Understanding intersectionality 

Understanding the complexities of identity and the intersectional impacts of racism and oppression.

2SLGBTQIA+ Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in History

Check out 2SLGBTQI+ intersected identities supports and positive Queer history's at the Canadian Center for Gender and Sexuality Diversity website!


Social Justice Change & Sustainable Development Goals 

Looking for relevant and responsive ties to curriculum?  Have students that are hungry to make change in this world? Want to look at cross-curricular learning opportunities? Check out the amazing opportunities through the Pivot Project Team! 

Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression, Inclusion, and Culturally Responsive & Relevant in the Early Years!

Early Learning and Anti-Racism PD (2020-10-26 at 13:05 GMT-7)

Check out the Early Years website for rich resources and supports for K-3!

FROM ETFO - "In reflecting on the events at the US Capitol, we encourage you to use this as a teachable moment to unpack white privilege. ETFO has a great resource, Re-Think, Re-Connect, Re-Imagine, and lesson plans  - Lessons in White Privilege" 


Voice Ed Radio - Podcasts for your drive to and from work!

Collaboration and Contribution to Equity @ UGDSB

All of the great work that goes into making UGDSB a safe and inclusive place happens because of the MANY staff, students, families and community partners who collaborate and contribute in various ways. 

We couldn't move forward as a system without all of you - thank you!