Business education prepares students for many phases of their personal and professional lives. We are dedicated to preparing students for a rapidly changing world by expanding student’s knowledge and skills in business and technology.

Through our Business Education courses students will be able to:

  • Make intelligent business/economic decisions as consumers and workers
  • Transition into a college major in a business field
  • Enter the job market upon graduation
  • Obtain employment while attending high school and college
  • Employ ethics in their decision making
  • Understand the business aspects of all careers
  • Develop an entrepreneurial spirit therefore, providing both academic and occupational benefits.

We offer 9 different courses in our Business Education department, many of which are transcripted through Gateway Technical College. In fact, up to 22 college credits could be earned through our department. Those credits equal less time, and less money, spent getting your college degree.

UGHS Course Information