Join us for a virtual 4-H experience this year.

Your 4-H Agents in the NW Extension District are excited to offer some of our Florida 4-H projects virtually this 4-H year.
Click the link below, and join FL 4-H. Choose your home county, and you'll be contacted by a 4-H Agent!

Chick Chain 4-H Club

Learn all about raising and caring for baby chicks from one day old to laying age. You'll also learn poultry showmanship and participate in a district show.

Registration for this project opens in 4honline on October 1 and requires that you purchase at least three baby chicks during October to participate.

Ages 5-18

Backyard Livestock 4-H Club

Chickens and rabbits are great backyard projects for anyone. Learn how to get started and grow in this project.

Ages 5-18

A person, who's face we cannot see, wears a protective bee keeping suit and holds a hive frame covered with honey bees at arms length for the camera to see.

#HoneyBees 4-H Club

Importance, Impersonators, Imposters, and more - there's a lot to discover about these special pollinators!

Ages 5-18

This picture, taken from overhead, shows two young girls wearing life jackets and standing in a shallow stream.  They are holding a white buck with a couple of inches of water and a few crayfish in the bottom.

W.O.L.F. 4-H Club

Explore the great outdoors focusing on wildlife and the outdoors with a leadership focus.

Ages 11-18

Baking Buddies 4-H Club

Develop and grow your skills in the kitchen. Learn the science behind the art of baking, and create delicious treats to share with family and friends.

Ages 5-18

Culinary Artists 4-H Club

Learn kitchen safety, cooking skills and recipes that will prepare you for life on your own (one day)!

Ages 8-18

Young people lead a meeting in a room full of 4-H members.

Lead with 4-H Club

Learn more about the
4-H Legislature program, and build skills to become community leaders.

Ages 11-18

An adult and young girl with an inquisitive look on her face inspect plants in a garden.

Farm to Table 4-H Club

Explore how food is produced to feed you and your family as you build basic gardening skills.

Ages 5-10

A person, who's face we cannot see, is using tongs to tend hotdogs on a charcoal grill.

TailGators 4-H Club

Learn how to choose, prepare, and grill animal protein.
Beef, chicken, pork, shrimp...
it's what's for dinner!

Ages 11-18

In an attitude of kind instruction and learning an adult and youth kneel on the floor over fabric as if they're deciding how and where to cut it.

Sew Much Fun 4-H Club

Choose beginner or advanced projects based on your skill level.

Ages 5-18

A young man stands ready to shoot safely with his shotgun to shoulder.

Range Ready 4-H Club

Are you a beginner or intermediate level shooter? Learn new new skills and practice drills that will help you grow as a skeet, trap, and sporting clays shooter.

Ages 10-18

Brought to you by your 4-H Agents in the Northwest Extension District

Bay County - Dr. Paula Davis Calhoun County - Whitney Cherry Escambia County - Brian Estevez & Aly Schortinghouse
Gadsden County - Evie Blount Gulf County - Julie McMillian Holmes County - Niki Crawson Jackson County - Caroline Chappell
Jefferson County - John Lilly Leon County - Marcus Boston & Allison Leo Liberty County - Marie Arick
Okaloosa County - Ronnie Cowan Santa Rosa County - Prudence Caskey Wakulla & Franklin Counties - Dr. Rachel Pienta
Walton County - Jena Gilmore Washington County - Julie Pigott Dillard

4-H Regional Specialized Agent - Heather Kent District Extension Director - Dr. Pete Vergot