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Organized by: 

Department of Civil Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan

December 15 & 16, 2022

Proceedings will be published online on www.uetpeshawar.edu.pk website

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Online Participation (For foreign participants only)

ICCEDM-2022 is the continuation of 1st International Conference on RECENT ADVANCES IN CIVIL AND EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING (ICCEE-2021) arranged last year on 8th October, 2021 by the Department of Civil Engineering, UET Peshawar.  This conference will bring together the advancement in the field of civil engineering and disaster risk management, carried out both at the national and international levels. Based on the latest research, it will give a new dimension to address the indigenous problems which may be later recommended for incorporation in the national building codes of Pakistan and engineering practices. The event will also open windows for future research and international collaboration.

Being prone to floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters, Pakistan bears huge financial as well as human losses during such events. This conference is arranged specially to promote research in the field of disaster mitigation and disaster management to address this issue.

Heavy Debris Flow, Hunza, Pakistan  (2022) 

Global climate change causes polar ice to weaken and melt, making glacial calving more frequent and more dramatic 

Department of Civil Engineering UET Peshawar.

Since 1983, the Department of Civil Engineering, UET, Peshawar has become a brand of excellence in the field and striving to achieve more.

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