CE118 L


By Dr. Mohammad Adil

Assessment Weight-age

  • In-lab Assessment 50%
  • Open Ended lab 15%
  • Final Lab Viva 35%

Course Contents

Weekly distribution.

CLOs and PLOs

Rubrics of:

  • In-Lab Assessment
  • Open Ended Lab and
  • Final Viva
CE118L BIM course.pdf

Open Ended Lab

  • For rubrics check course contents
  • 12 Groups of 7-8 Students each are listed below
Spring 2019 CE118L BIM OEL.pdf
CE118L Sec AE OEL Groups.pdf


by Engr. Faisal ur Rehman (Asstt. Prof., Dept. of Civil Engg., UET Peshawar)

IF Templates are missing in your Revit 2017 installation.....

Download Revit 2017 Imperial Template. For other versions visit this link.

Missing Families FILES.

(Sorry! Old links were wrong.. now corrected)

Download Libraries for Revit 2017 Imperial Family Files (*.rfa). For other version visit this link.


CE118L Lect 1

Download practice Revit file.

Assignment 1.

Make your Student User account at AUTODESK and Download 2017 version of Revit.

LAB 2- Basic drawing and editing tools

Download practice Revit file for this lab.

Lecture 2 Class Activities.pdf

LAB 3-Setting up Levels and Grids

Student will be lectured about the meaning of Level and Grid from Architectural and Structural context. Detailed demonstration of creating levels and grid in different scenarios in Autodesk Revit will be explained.

Lecture 3 Class Activities.pdf

LAB 4- Working with views

The student shall demonstrate following in the class:

1. Selecting only floors using filter

2. Doing multiple selections using TAB and Ctrl key

3. Move and Copy an existing element of the structure (e.g., beam in the plan/floor view)

4. Rotate a structural element about a specified pivot point

5. Create array of structural elements and ungroup them

6. Demonstrate trim/extend and offset commands for structural elements

Lecture 4 Class Activities.pdf


Starting a structural project based on a linked architectural model

Download AutoCAD Dwg House plan for this exercise

Student will be lectured about creating a link of CAD (dwg) file with different levels and using them to build structural model.

Lecture 5 Class Activities.pdf


Adding structural Columns and Walls

Student will be lectured about creating and editing columns and walls. Students will also get an introduction of families in Revit.

Lecture 6 Class Activities.pdf


Adding Foundations and Structural Slabs

Lecture 7 Class Activities.pdf



Lecture 8 Class Activities.pdf


Beam, Trusses and Framing System

Download Lecture 7.rvt used in this lecture.

Lecture 9 Class Activities.pdf

LAB 10

Analytical Models and Placing Loads

Download Lecture 7.rvt used in this lecture.

Lecture 10 Class Activities.pdf

Dear Students,

You can win,

Lab 11

Project Practices to Reinforce Learning

Download Lecture 9.rvt used in this lecture.

Lecture 11 Class Activities.pdf

Lab 12

Construction Documents

Download Lecture 11.rvt used in this lecture.

Lecture 12 Class Activities.pdf