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Environmental Education Center

Welcome to Robbins Park Environmental Education Center!

1419 E. Butler Pk Ambler PA 19002 (across from Meetinghouse Rd & Temple Ambler)

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This 38 acre township park and nature preserve is open to the community during daylight hours for trail hiking, picnicking, and plant and animal observation. Our chipped trails are friendly to all ages and fitness levels, including a one mile paved trail that is handicap accessible. The park now offers 10 interpretive "Each One Teach One" signs. Each sign displays environmental concepts, facts and messages for each of us to pass on to someone else. Come explore our forest, historic spring house and man made pond. Walk along the north branch of the Rose Valley Creek as it flows to the Wissahickon Watershed.


Robbins Park and local school district scientists enjoy an outdoor classroom for inquiry based learning.

Mission: To be the beacon of sustainability and 21st century science skills in the community.

Vision: To provide hands-on, minds-on understanding of our environment as an interconnected system. We connect the school classroom to our ecosystem through integrating curriculum (including PA Common Core Science Standards) with environmental, local, place-based, environmental problem based learning. Students will solve problems using inquiry, E-STEAM, and teamwork (4C'S). Students will understand they are contributing to real science being a citizen scientist!

We strive to promote a bio-philic connection, that will create awareness, appreciation of our natural world to be stewards of sustainability for life.


Upper Dublin students have a unique opportunity to form a special bond with Robbins Park, as their outdoor, inquiry science classroom. They receive 2 lessons minimum a year that connect directly with their regular classroom science and state standards. See the curriculum page for the planned course for each grade.

Other local schools may inquire if the schedule allows for field trips.


**All township and park rules apply

Please follow the LEAVE NO TRACE Principles

Swim Fishies Swim!

What's news at Robbins Park you ask!??

This year Robbins Park has joined TIC - Trout in the Classroom! We are raising rainbow trout fish from eggs (received 10/7/19) to young trout fish! Our students will get to witness the amazing life cycle. Curriculum connections that can be made at any age are: Coldwater conservation, water quality, food chains/energy, pests, watershed education just to name a few.

To view anytime: The best way to view the LIVE feed (Thanks Brad!) is to subscribe to RP MEDIA on Youtube with an RP in an orange circle. That will stay current with whatever is running. The WiFI seems to get disrupted often so the shared link may change. To go there directly now, (Currently) the sharing link to Youtube Live feed is:

Robbins Park’s participation in the Trout In the Classroom program was made possible through a unique partnership between PA Fish and Boat Commission and PA Council of Trout Unlimited. This partnership, coupled with assistance from local conservation organizations, was created to introduce Pennsylvania students to coldwater resources and their importance to all communities. The partnership also provides trout eggs, trout food, technical assistance, curriculum connections and teacher workshops each year.

The Kate Svitek Memorial Fund got the project started with funds for the equipment and the Stoney Creek Anglers Club will help support the project .

Subscribe to RP Media on Youtube or Robbins Park EEC on Facebook for updates


Recently a donation to Friends of Robbins Park, was made in recognition of Jennifer Toth, and the other UDSD kindergarten teachers. The thoughtfulness of the donor was inspired by the UD classroom and Robbins Park teachers bringing environmental awareness to young children, and the responsibility that all of us have to protect and preserve animal life and plant life. The donation is going towards the Green Building design plan, that PBL environmental students started last year!

At the start of school, another donation was made by the Kate Svitek Memorial Foundation, to fund the PA Trout in the Classroom project this year, to raise rainbow trout and increase the populations of cold water fish. Students will watch and learn about life cycles, food chains, pests and much more!

Tax-deductible donations can be made to the Friends of Robbins Park. Remember our students as we wrap up the year.

**All outside groups must communicate, be approved and receive a permit from the Upper Dublin Township Parks and Recreation office 215-63-1600 x3443.

Summer programs are through Upper Dublin Township Parks and Rec Department.

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UDHS Environmental PBL Class Information

20 awesome students, Mrs. Loch (UD Medal winner, Educator of the year 2019), Mrs. Lyons, Ms. Fantini, Drew Lavine & professionals from Green Building United have been learning and advocating for Robbins Park with a year-long project to create a Living Building at Robbins Park.

Click on publications , events and information below:

What is a Living building with petals and biophilic design?


FWBA newsletter

UDHS for authentic, deeper learning

March Publication GBU

February Ambler GAZETTE

Click here to see the group present to the UD education committee school board 5/6/19

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Background Information

Culminating Project of Temple Graduate Student

Keith Maung-Douglass, Landscape Design & Restoration.

Read background info about Robbins Park and some proposed, sustainable ideas for the future


Upper Dublin Township is a certified BIRDTOWN!!

JOIN US for MONTHLY GUIDED BIRD WALKS for ALL LEVELS led by Wyncote Audubon volunteers!

Check DATES HERE 2nd Thursday of each month 8-10am

Bird Town is a working partnership of Audubon and municipalities in Pennsylvania to promote conservation and community-based actions to create a healthy, more sustainable environment for birds and people. You can sign your yard up!

Audubon provides the tools for the municipality to engage their residents, schools and businesses in making more ecologically-friendly decisions, conserving energy and in the process, saving money. A Bird Town makes efforts to restore valuable ecosystem services to create a culture of conservation where everyone is a potential steward of nature in their backyard and beyond.

Upper Dublin Twp Bird Town Site

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