Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country

Santa Rosa, California

April 5-8, 2022

The 2022 TTF workshop will be co-located with the 2022 Sherwood Theory Conference.

The Sherwood Agenda is available here.

Workshop attendees can access presentations and recordings here

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Important Dates

Meeting dates: April 5-8, 2022

A limited number of hotel reservations are left at our negotiated price: Until Gone

Please indicate here if you plan to attend in-person as soon as possible

Deadline for late workshop registration: March 18, 2022

Abstracts for poster presentations will be accepted until March 18, 2022

Deadline for abstract submissions: February 18, 2022

Deadline for early bird prices workshop registration: March 4, 2022

Deadline for hotel reservations: March 4, 2022

Purpose of the Meeting

The ultimate goal of the US-EU Transport Task Force (TTF) is to develop a physics-based understanding of particle, momentum and heat transport in magnetic fusion devices. This understanding should be of sufficient depth that it allows the development of predictive models of plasma transport that can be validated against experiment, and then used to simulate the future performance of burning plasmas in ITER, and next-step fusion energy reactors. To achieve success in transport science, it is essential to characterize local fluctuations and transport in fusion grade plasmas, to understand the basic mechanisms responsible for transport, and ultimately to control these transport processes. These goals must be pursued in multiple research thrusts, and the TTF workshop focus topics evolve to reflect emerging advances in physics understanding.

Predict First Initiative

The 2022 Workshop will continue an emphasis on developing and using transport tools to predict the outcome of experiments in present fusion plasma research machines. This Predict First Initiative will enhance the efficient use of experimental runtime in the near term and will provide more rigorous validation tests for the theory taking the next step towards the ultimate goal of the TTF to produce validated predictive transport models.

COVID Impacts on TTF 2022

It is our intention to hold as much of the meeting in-person as possible. However, we recognize that the pandemic remains a very fluid situation, and that not all participants will feel comfortable or be able to attend in-person. The meeting will have a significant hybrid component, with all talks streamed on Zoom and a virtual poster session in addition to in-person posters. Note that registration costs will be the same for on-site and remote participants regardless of the final meeting format.

For those attending on-site, we will be taking all reasonable safety precautions as well as following guidance from the California Department of Public Health and UC San Diego. At the current time, regulations do not require proof of vaccination or indoor masking (but it is strongly encouraged), and therefore we will not be requiring either as well. However, given that this will be a joint US-EU meeting, and case numbers are beginning to rise again in some locations, we strongly encourage everyone to

  1. Be fully vaccinated (including booster) if attending in-person

  2. Wear a mask (ideally KN95 or better) while indoors

  3. Take a COVID-19 test 24-48 hours before traveling to the meeting, even if you are exhibiting no symptoms

While many of the attendee employers have policies requiring vaccination, remember that it is not proof against infection, and that other attendees may not be vaccinated themselves, or have individuals in their household who are unvaccinated (e.g. young children) or are immunocompromised. A successful workshop will require extra care and diligence on the part of attendees, and we ask that all please be considerate and cautious in regards to COVID. Please note that all TTF attendees (in-person or virtual) are expected to follow the APS meeting code of conduct, available at https://www.aps.org/meetings/policies/code-conduct.cfm. This includes respecting other attendees personal choices regarding COVID precautions, vaccination, and masking.

Late Registration Pricing:

Student: $200 | General: $400

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