Eric Baković

Professor and Chair, Linguistics, UC San Diego

Pronouns: he, him, his / Why do pronouns matter?I respectfully acknowledge that we live and work on the land of the Kumeyaay/Kumiai nation. / Whose land are you on?

About my work

I’m most interested in phonological theory, which aims to formally characterize the set of possible human language sound patterns — and, in principle, only that set. Some of my most recent collaborative work questions recent claims about the outer limit of the set of possible phonological patterns (McCollum, Baković, Mai, & Meinhardt, 2020; Meinhardt, Mai, Baković, & McCollum, submitted), specifies an algorithm for equalizing the typological predictions made by Harmonic Grammar and Optimality Theory (Mai & Baković, 2020; see also Baković & Mai 2021), defines a set of formal operations between different types of phonological rules (Baković & Blumenfeld, 2019), and presents an unsupervised approach to learning human-readable descriptions of phonological processes from collections of related utterances (Barke, Kunkel, Polikarpova, Meinhardt, Baković, & Bergen, 2019). This latter work represents work now funded by NSF BCS Award #2021149.

Recent publications (click to expand)

  • Baković, Eric, Jeffrey Heinz, and Jonathan Rawski. “Phonological abstractness in the mental lexicon.” To appear in Anna Papafragou, John Trueswell, and Lila Gleitman (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of the Mental Lexicon. Oxford University Press. [preprint]

  • Baković, Eric, & Anna Mai. 2021. “Comparing positional licensing patterns in HG and OT.” Supplemental Proceedings of the 2020 Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP 2020). [OA article] [ROA-1378] [abstract] [poster] [YouTube video]

  • McCollum, Adam G., Eric Baković, Anna Mai, and Eric Meinhardt. 2020. “Unbounded circumambient patterns in segmental phonology.” Phonology 37.2, pp. 215-255. doi:10.1017/S095267572000010X [Cambridge Core sharing code: 982DA8C4E8CAE0198A2512332F71F992] [postprint] [lingbuzz/005051]

  • Meinhardt, Eric, Anna Mai, Eric Baković, and Adam G. McCollum. 2020. “On the proper treatment of weak determinism: Subsequentiality and simultaneous application in phonological maps.” Submitted. [lingbuzz/005565]

    • Original 2018 manuscript attempting to combine both of the above: “The expressivity of segmental phonology and the definition of weak determinism.” [lingbuzz/004197] [alternative copy]

  • Mai, Anna, & Eric Baković. 2020. “Cumulative constraint interaction and the equalizer of HG and OT.” Supplemental Proceedings of the 2019 Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP 2019). [OA article] [ROA-1366] [abstract] [poster]

  • Meinhardt, Eric, Eric Baković, & Leon Bergen. 2020. “Speakers enhance contextually confusable words.” Proceedings of the 58th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, pp. 1991-2002. doi:10.18653/v1/2020.acl-main.180 [OA article]

  • Baković, Eric, & Lev Blumenfeld. 2019. “Rule interaction conversion operations.” Loquens 6.2, e062. [OA article]

  • Barke, Shraddha, Rose Kunkel, Nadia Polikarpova, Eric Meinhardt, Eric Baković, & Leon Bergen. 2019. “Constraint-based Learning of Phonological Processes.” Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and 9th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019). [OA article]


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