Migration, Identity, & Education Lab (MIEL)

Saskias Casanova, Ph.D.


Members of MIEL use social psychological, educational, and interdisciplinary perspectives to understand the diverse experiences of immigrant- origin students and students of color by highlighting their understudied social identities and the cultural strengths they bring to their educational experiences. MIEL’s overarching objective is to conduct rigorous research about the learning experiences of students of color and immigrant origin students. We focus on their cultural adaptation, stigmatizing experiences, cultural wealth, collective resilience processes, and development as they relate to learning.

Dr. Casanova will be accepting graduate students for Fall 2023. Find out more about the UCSC Psychology graduate program here and the graduate admission requirements here.

If you are interested in joining MIEL for the 2021-2022 academic year please fill out the application here.

About Dr. Saskias Casanova

Saskias Casanova is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at UC Santa Cruz. She researches individual and contextual factors that relate to the psychological processes and educational outcomes of Latinx and immigrant-origin students. Dr. Casanova examines: 1) how these students’ experiences with stigmatization and discrimination relate to their educational outcomes, and 2) the influence multiple contexts have on students’ social identities. Before coming to UCSC, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow at NYU’s Applied Psychology Department and as an Assistant Professor of Transborder Studies at Arizona State University. Dr. Casanova received her M.A. in Psychology and Ph.D. in Developmental & Psychological Sciences in Education from Stanford University.

Spring 2021 Lab News & Accomplishments!

  • Congratulations to our graduating students!

  • Here is a video of Yesenia Vega discussing her time here at UCSC and the impact MIEL had on her undergraduate experience!

  • Alicia Alvarez was accepted to the Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers (IRT) Program for 2021-2022! Alicia will get support and mentorship in applying to graduate school! Alica Alvarez also received the 2021 Special Achievement Award from the Psychology Department at UCSC.

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