Directed Reading Program

Mathematics Department, UC Santa Cruz

The Directed Reading Program (DRP) at the UCSC Mathematics Department pairs experienced graduate students with motivated undergraduates to meet weekly and discuss a topic of their choice. This is a valuable opportunity for undergraduate students to learn material not offered in classes, and for graduate students to contribute their expertise and gain experience in outreach and mentoring.

At the end of the quarter, undergraduate students give a summative talk about their work. We expect graduate students to help their mentees prepare for this talk - communicating knowledge is just as important as acquiring it!

To know more, please read the Guidelines.

DRP is currently funded through the UCSC Mathematics Department and partially funded by NSF DMS-2238198. In the past, we were also supported by The DRP Network. Our faculty sponsor is Kasia Jankiewicz.

Graduate student mentors in DRP should be enthusiastic about sharing their love of math. Mentors should be prepared to meet with their mentee once per week for at least an hour and attend the end-of-quarter Colloquium night. 

Undergraduates should be excited to learn, be prepared to devote at least 4 hours a week to their project (although their schoolwork should take priority) and commit to giving a short talk about their work.  It is encouraged that the applicant is taking or has already taken MATH 100.

All DRP Colloquium Schedules can be viewed here.

Current Organizers

Sam Johnson (, Mike Williams (
David Rubinstein (, Deewang Bhamidipati (