Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, Washington DC

Professor of education emeritus at University of California, Santa Cruz



August, 2023: FreshEd podcast conversation with Brad Olsen:

Will Brehm: "Today we dig into the ways in which governments in low- and middle-income countries make decisions on education. What interventions work and which should be scaled? My guest is Brad Olsen. As he shows, these questions are a lot more complex than we might think..."       https://freshedpodcast.com/olsen/
The accompanying research report: Government Decisionmaking on Education in Low- and Middle-  Income Countries: Understanding the Fit among innovation, scaling strategy, and broader environment

August, 2023: Olsen, B. Teacher Learning and the Future of Teacher Education. Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) keynote address.

Watch Brad's recent keynote here:   ATEE keynote Olsen 

Some recent blog posts and reports on scaling education innovations for impact around the world:

“Three myths about teacher agency and why they hold back scaling education innovations” www.brookings.edu/articles/3-myths-about-teacher-agency-and-why-they-hold-back-scaling-education-innovations/ 

Government decisionmaking on education in low- and middle-income countries: Understanding the fit among innovation, scaling strategy, and broader environment www.brookings.edu/articles/government-decisionmaking-on-education-in-low-and-middle-income-countries/ 

Deepening education impact: Emerging lessons from 14 teams scaling innovations in low- and middle-income countries  www.brookings.edu/articles/deepening-education-impact-emerging-lessons-from-14-teams-scaling-innovations-in-low-and-middle-income-countries/    

How to improve government decisionmaking around edtech innovations  www.brookings.edu/articles/how-to-improve-government-decisionmaking-around-edtech-innovations/ 

Teaching for Success (2016, 2nd ed.) available in paperback.

Brad Olsen's book, Teaching for Success: Developing your Teacher Identity in Today's Classroom, 2nd edition (2016, Routledge Publishers) discuses the core concept of teacher identity. In it, Olsen offers his own professional learning experience for prospective, new, and experienced educators: how to recognize, adjust, and maximize the many ways your personal self and professional self become integrated in your teaching work