Senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, Washington DC

Professor of Education Emeritus - University of California, Santa Cruz


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https://www.brookings.edu/research/how-do-government-decisionmakers-adopt-education-innovations-for-scale/(2022) How do government decisionmakers adopt education innovations for scale? - brookings.eduBrad Olsen and Omar Qargha examine how governments identify, adopt, and support education innovations to scale, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

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(2022). Brookings Institution research report: Deepening Education Impact: emerging Lessons from 14 Teams Scaling Innovations in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

This empirical report focuses on emerging insights from the ROSIE teams’ scaling journeys organized within three broad categories: stakeholders (including teachers and school leaders), the enabling environment, and incentives. Along the way, the report raises assumptions to interrogate and offers practical recommendations for readers to consider.

(2021). European Journal of Teacher Education. Special issue: "Investigating Teacher Quality Around the World." B. Olsen, guest editor.

"Using teacher quality as the catalyst, the eight articles in this volume consider teacher preparation and teacher assessment in twelve countries. The goal is to illuminate teacher quality – what it is and how it’s captured, measured and promoted – with an eye towards ways that it engages the whole structure of teacher recruitment, preparation, induction, evaluation, support and career development."


(2021). Recently posted article: Teaching and learning in 5 charter schools in Bogota, Colombia...

See our research report: www.researchgate.net/publication/354765876_Teaching_and_Learning_in_Five_Charter_Schools_in_Bogota_Colombia_Results_from_a_Mixed-Methods_Study

Teaching for Success (2nd ed.) in paperback...

Brad Olsen's book, Teaching for Success: Developing your Teacher Identity in Today's Classroom, 2nd edition (2016, Routledge Publishers) shares valuable research and practice discussions around the core concept of teacher identity. In it, Olsen offers his own professional learning experience for prospective, new, and experienced educators: how to recognize, adjust, and maximize the many ways your personal self and your professional self become integrated in your teaching work.