Aerosol Research

Research in the Davies Lab

The physical, optical and chemical properties of aerosol particles regulate their role in the atmosphere and environment, in drug delivery and disease transmission, and in engineering applications. As a research group, we are interested in unraveling the fundamental properties of aerosol and exploring the processes by which they interact with their environment.

We explore how environmental conditions, such as humidity and temperature, influence the physical state of aerosol particles. We measure their optical properties to better understand aerosol-light interactions and we explore chemical transformations to understand how aerosol properties evolve over time.

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The properties of aerosol determine their role in the atmosphere, human health, air quality and engineering processes.

The Davies Lab develops new experimental methods that utilize single particle levitation to analyze samples in a controlled laboratory environment. We develop ways of probing size, optical and physical properties and composition allowing us to explore how aerosol evolve due to changes in environmental conditions, evaporation and condensation of semi-volatile compounds, and chemical reactions.