CMS Drama Club

Drama club link will be posted here every friday at 12:30 pm!!

(Please note we have moved to a Google Meet format due to multiple issues with Microsoft Teams)

The CMS Drama Club meets on Fridays from 1:00-1:30 pm SHARP!

Please Do not be late!

We will be performing vocal and physical warm ups, simple scene activities, learning about acting fundamentals, practicing a scripted play, improvising, studying choreography and more! Any student in any grade is welcome to join us!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Bradley-Hupe at :

Watch how a musical is performed over Zoom by middle school students! Click on the link below!

Broadway Bound Script


All students interested in performing the show "Broadway Bound" with Drama Club should complete the following Google Form. Even if you are not auditioning, please complete this so I know how many students will be participating. Thank you!


  1. Shakedown (vocal and movement)






  1. Pass the Imaginary Object

  1. Strike A Pose

  1. Tongue Twisters

Red Leather, Yellow Leather

Give Papa a Proper Cup of Coffee in a Proper Coffee Cup

Harrison Held Harry Hostage

Jolly Jesters Juggle Jacks

  1. Would you Rather?

  1. Would you rather be able to read minds or have to say everything you think out loud?

  2. Would you rather give a speech in front of 1,000 people or three people?

  3. Would you rather never be able to listen to your favorite song again or only hear your favorite song whenever you hear music for the rest of your life?

  4. Would you rather win a Grammy or win an Oscar?

  5. Would you rather never eat junk food again or only eat junk food forever?

  6. Would you rather live in the middle of nowhere with no one else around or live in the middle of an overcrowded city?

  7. Would you rather eat a loaf of moldy bread or a block of moldy cheese?

  8. Would you rather have no kids when you grow up or have no dogs when you grow up?

  9. Would you rather have no eyebrows or have no fingernails?

  10. Would you rather be amazing at sports but never play professionally or be a professional athlete your whole life but be known for choking at the biggest moments?

  11. Would you rather go to the same great place for vacation every year or go to a new place every year, but risk going to a bad place?

  12. Would you rather always be hungry or always be tired?

  13. Would you rather never meet your favorite celebrity or meet them but get into a giant argument?

  14. Would you rather never be able to watch another movie again or only be able to watch your favorite movie (but you have to watch it every day)?

  15. Would you rather live on a desert island alone or on a desert island with your least favorite celebrity?

  16. Would you rather it be your birthday every single day or your favorite holiday every day?

  17. Would you rather go to school all year and have one week off per month or go to school every day and have summer off?

  18. Would you rather be the oldest sibling or the youngest sibling?

  19. Would you rather always smell rotten eggs everywhere you go or always hear nails scratching on a chalkboard?

  20. Would you rather never have a pet again or never have a TV again?

  21. Would you rather be a musician or an athlete — if you could be great at whichever career you chose?

  22. Would you rather get stung by a jellyfish or get pinched by a crab?

  23. Would you rather rhyme every time you spoke or not be able to speak without shouting?

  24. Would you rather be the smartest person in the world or the most beautiful person in the world?

  25. Would you rather live in Antarctica or in the Amazon?

  26. Would you rather get your least favorite song stuck in your head for a day or have your favorite song stuck in your head for a week?

  27. Would you rather go everywhere in roller blades or go everywhere in high heels?

  28. Would you rather have a pet porcupine or have a pet skunk?


Scene starters and scene endings

Just say "YES"!

7. Scene Writing





8. Choreography/Blocking

9. Warm Up Game-(Puppet Dance Party)