A note about author responsibility as it pertains to permissions.

Please read over your author agreement closely. By signing the UC Press author agreement, you are stating that you have acquired any permission necessary, including reuse or license of the article/material by the publisher, and including electronic use.


  1. Overview of Permissions and Author Responsibilities
  2. Public Domain Links to sources for public domain images are included.
  3. Fair Use | Tool: Thinking Through Fair Use | Checklist: Sample Fair Use checklist | Online Video: Fair Use Best Practices
  4. Creative Commons Open Content How to find free images and determine what type of usage is allowed.
  5. Permissions Log If your article contains a large number of items that require permission, including text, images, or multimedia, we encourage you to use a Permissions Log to manage this information for you and the journal’s editorial office.
  6. Association of University Presses Permissions FAQ


These are sample templates that can be modified to represent specific parties.

  1. Blank Request Form for Permission
  2. Photo Reprint Form without Fee
  3. Photo Reprint Form with Fee
00 Permissions-October 2018.pdf
01 Public Domain October 2018.pdf
02 Fair Use October 2018.pdf
Fair Use Checklist.pdf
Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video.pdf
03 Creative Commons Open Content October 2018.pdf
Permissions Log.xlsx
Blank_request for permission October 2018.doc
Photo-Reprint-Agmt October 2018.doc