IX Advanced Research Seminar


Welcome to the IX Advanced Research Seminar which will be held online on March 11, 2022. This seminar, organised by the PhD Programme in English Linguistics at UCM, provides candidates with an overview of the different research fields and methods they can pursue when working on their dissertation.

The seminar is part of the Training Activities of the PhD programme in English Linguistics, and is open to anyone with an interest in the field. Attendance to this seminar is compulsory for all the students in the Programme. Students who are not able to attend the seminar should provide an official justification of absence signed by their supervisors.

Registration is required: Click on the registration section and fill in the form, then you will receive the link to attend the lectures.

A certificate of participation and appreciation will be issued for those students in the Programme attending the seminar and following the required instructions:

  • Attending at least four of the five sessions.

  • Providing a summary of the sessions (written in English, global extension ca. 1000-1500 words, single spaced), which shall include the essential ideas from the lecture and the benefits the lecture may add to your dissertation plan, if applicable. Please read the documment INSTRUCTIONS for summaries (Lecture, seminar and conference attendance) that you can find in our Online Campus, in TRAINING ACTIVITIES.

  • Summaries must be submitted by March 31. Late submissions will not be considered for evaluation.

A certificate of participation will be issued on request for those participants not belonging to the Programme that have attended at least four lectures. Please see the section Organising Committee for contact details.