February Can't Contain Us


In 1925 Carter G. Woodson proposed a black history month to raise awareness of the role African-Americans played in the creation of this country. After ninety-three years the curriculum still tries to squeeze everything about black history into twenty-eight (sometimes twenty-nine) days. The amount of history that has occurred since that first celebration is enough to teach an entire course, but why should it be segregated? This semester we will dive into American history feat. black people. We will find the "hidden figures," the extraordinary people of color who helped build this country.

Pre-Assessment Survey

Essential Question

Why don't we know about more people of color in history, and what can we do to change it?


After reading and responding to the book Hidden Figures students will explore history to uncover little know people of color who had a profound effect on society. They will present this research by creating a web-based hall of fame.