Jesus Arellano González

PhD. Candidate

Agricultural and Resource Economics

University of California, Davis

I am a PhD Candidate in Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Davis and I am currently on the Job Market. My fields of specialization are environmental, development and applied economics. My research seeks to improve the understanding we have about the potential effects of climate change in the agriculture of developing countries by analyzing its effects on productivity and welfare as well as potential avenues of adaptation.

In my Job Market Paper, I elicit the role that irrigation could play as an adaptive strategy using the case of Maize production in Mexico as setting. My other research touches on topics such as water economics, migration, property rights, poverty and policy evaluation.

Before becoming a PhD Student at UC Davis, I completed a Master in Economics at El Colegio de México in 2007 and a BS in Agricultural Economics at Universidad Autónoma Chapingo in 2005.