About Me

As a planetary geologist, my research is focused on characterizing present and past surface conditions of planetary bodies and their habitability. Currently I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech, where I joined the faculty in January 2021. Previously, I was the Guarini Dean’s Postdoc Fellow in the Dept. of Earth Sciences at Dartmouth College where I worked with Dr. Marisa Palucis. I completed a Ph.D. in 2018 from University of California at Davis with Dr. Dawn Sumner, M.S. in 2014 from the University of Washington with Dr. Joshua Bandfield, and B.S. degrees in Geology and Astrophysics in 2009 from the University of Wyoming. Outside of research, I remain active in several outreach/informal education projects to encourage students from underrepresented communities to pursue STEM careers.

I am native of Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico (Wepa!) and have been in love with science for as long as I can remember. When I am not sciencing, I enjoy traveling and walking in new cities, learning new languages, cooking, and trying new restaurants.

Fluent in Español, Spanglish, & English.

Science belongs to everyone

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Dr. Frances Rivera-Hernandez (she/ella)

CV (updated Dec 2022)

**New group website here: https://planetas.eas.gatech.edu**