Garvellachs, Scotland, U.K.

Research Interests

Broadly, my research is focused on interpreting the past climate, hydrologic regimes, and habitability of planetary bodies from quantitative analyses of sedimentary deposits and landforms. I also study modern environments on Earth (primarily in polar regions) that may have been present on ancient Mars and during Snowball Earth glaciations. My research is interdisciplinary, integrating field-based studies with remote sensing and numerical analyses. Examples of my research include: characterizing the sedimentary environments of modern perennially ice-covered lakes in Antarctica, investigating how periglacial processes shape alluvial fans in the Arctic, reconstructing ancient environments on Mars with the Curiosity rover, and evaluating the presence of past oceans on early Mars by mapping martian deltaic deposits.

My past and current research spans from the large scale (landscapes) to the small (individual sediment grains) and falls within the following general categories [click subjects below to learn more]: