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Two-Way SMS

Why pay $30, when you can get the same thing for $3?, or even free!

Perfect for Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Originators and Sales!

Say "Hi" to ubersimple SMS!

Really, Text Hi to


You'll get instructions on how to start

To Make Your Own Keyword:

Send a text to 855-998-9984 like this:

Add  123Main  Here is the listing info for 123 Main Street goo.gl/Ab3Def

The format is: "Add/Edit/Delete TheKeyword Your Message"

Everything can be done right from your phone! (see the guide)

Ć¼bersimpleSMS(TM) was made to be easy to setup & easy to manage.

To start right away, just text Hi to 855-998-9984 from your phone and set up your first Keyword now!

Keywords let you send an auto-response via Text message with the information you choose, such as:

  • Phone Number, Website, Contact info
  • Promotion link, Online Form
  • Link to a presentation, house flyer, product demo, & more

Plus, having a keyword makes it easy for other people to quickly re-share and market for you - without any hassle!

Instant & Powerful Insight to your keywords!

Get caller name and other demographics automatically or on-demand!

Statistics and Charting for Professional & Company Accounts

Instant Setup That's Just Plain Simple

How to Add a Keyword

Use format:

ADD TheKeyword Message


Add 123MAIN Here is the Listing Info for 123 Main Street goo.gl/A3bCdE

How to Edit Your Keyword

Use format:

EDIT TheKeyword Message


Edit 123MAIN Here is the listing sheet for 123 Main Street goo.gl/A3bCdE. Listed by Max Powers of Awesome Realty (123) 456-7890 Mobile

How to Delete a Keyword

Use format:

DELETE TheKeyword


Delete 123MAIN

Use Cases:

Get Real Time Call Capture Notifications!

  1. Managers: Give your Team a tool that Marketing can manage!
  2. Loan Officers: Give out your contact info, Apply online link, Buyer info PDF
  3. Real Estate Agents: Give out Property Listing Sheets per house
  4. Speakers: Give out your contact info & service links to your audience!
  5. Trade Shows: Give out contact & product info!
  6. Meeting Organizers: Share presentation links, follow up surveys, and voting polls!
  7. Store/Bar Owners: Share your address with a promotional offer that can be easily re-shared!


  • Add/Edit/Delete keywords from your phone
  • You get notified instantly when your keyword is used
  • Call Capture when your keyword is used
  • Works on every phone! No App to install
  • Simple Design to make it easy to use!


  • Clients can get your information quickly & hassle-free
  • It's easier to text than email or use an app
  • You can change your message at any to keep it fresh
  • Instant notification means you know what's working
  • Make a keyword per occasion, event or house and track it


as high as $0/month

100 messages/month

Create up to 3 keywords*

Shared Number: 855-998-9984

Call # Capture with 3 Instant Notifications/month

UbersimpleSMS branding

*Keywords based on availability

as low as $3/month

$3/month per Keyword

$0.05 per message

Manage up to 10 Keywords*

Shared Number: 855-998-9984

Call # Capture w/Notification

Export Data into Excel/CSV file

No UbersimpleSMS branding

*Keywords based on availability

as low as $12/month

$2/month per Keyword

$0.05 per message

Manage up to 100 keywords - All keywords are available

SMS Number: Your Private Number^

Call # Capture w/Notification

Export Data into Excel/CSV file

No UbersimpleSMS branding

as low as $136/month

$125/month Company Account

$1/month per Keyword

$0.05 per message

Manage up to 2,000 keywords - All keywords are available

SMS Number: Your Private Number(s)^ multiple lines available

Call # Capture w/Dual-Notification to 2 people

Export Data into Excel/CSV file

No UbersimpleSMS branding

  • Add/Edit/Delete Keywords with ease by Spreadsheet
  • Charts, analytics & insight on keyword usage
  • Detailed billing for charge-back to employees
  • Instant live Dual-Notification for LO & Agent by SMS & email
  • Exportable data to .CSV format
  • Add on capabilities! (i.e. for Demographic lookup, Surveys, Emails, Sales Force, Google Sheets, Excel, and other actions that we can discuss!)
  • Phone, Video chat & Email support from our developers

^ Private Phone Line

  • Private Numbers have monthly charge per line:
  • $10 Random Number
  • $20 Local Area Code or Vanity Number
  • $25 Toll Free + Vanity Number
  • ^All Phone numbers are based on availability.

Message Packs

  • Message packs are available in any $10 increment
  • $10 = 200 messages ($0.05/message)
  • Your account will automatically recharge when the balance goes below $10

BETA Add-Ons

(These options may change):

  • Call capture with number & name for $1 each incoming sms
  • Call capture with number, name, address & demographic info for $2 each incoming sms
  • Charges per SMS still apply even though information may not be available on all phone numbers

Contact us for your questions or inquiries:

Voicemail: 267-777-8237

(or remember: 267-777-UBER)