Diffractometer Training

(only available for members of the Department of Chemistry)


Prior to requesting training, please ensure that you have completed (and have electronic [PDF] copies of your certificates for) ALL of the mandatory UAlberta and Department of Chemistry safety training (Parts I to IV), which includes:

Please note that if you are currently working in a research lab within the Department of Chemistry, you should have already completed all of the above.

X-ray Lab-Specific Training Requirements

  1. You must complete and save a copy of your certificate for the:

  1. Please review the following manuals prior to hands-on training:

(Note: you will need to sign in using your CCID to view the manuals)

  1. Strongly suggested: watch the online D8 Powder Diffraction Training course (~60 minutes) from Joe Reibenspies at Texas A&M to give yourself a good understanding of the technique.

  2. Please complete the google form "Request for X-ray diffractometer training" (you will be asked to upload your HSE certificates via the form).

  3. We will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for safety orientation of the facility and specific hands-on training of the diffractometer(s). Upon successful completion of the training and demonstration of your ability to independently operate the diffractometer(s), you will be granted user-level access.