Yanqing Wu (He/Him)


The President advocates for Computing Science graduate students and brings students' concerns to the department chair, the grad chair, or the graduate program coordinator.


Yanqing is a second-year master's student working on reinforcement learning and robotics with Dr. Randy Goebel and Dr. Hengshuai Yao. 

Fun Facts 

I enjoy playing sports, learning new (human) languages. Also a big fan of detective shows. 


Alireza Kazemipour (He/Him)


Collaborating with the President on all matters of business is the primary responsibility of the Vice-President. In order to establish the goals of CSGSA for the current term, the Vice-President works in conjunction with the President. Their tasks include setting high-level plans and scheduling events, as well as managing event-related tasks such as submissions. The Vice-President is responsible for ensuring the successful execution of each event and supporting other executives in organizing their activities. In the event that the President is absent or unable to perform their duties, the Vice-President assumes the role of President. 


I'm a MSc student in Computing Science at the U of A. I started my program in January 2023. I'm currently supervised by Matt Taylor and my research interests are mostly around Reinforcement Learning and in particular algorithms that encourage agents to seek skills that set them free of the tyranny of domain knowledge. 

Fun Facts

Nope. I'm an ordinary student. :) 

Director of Operations

Karansinh Padhiar (He/Him)


My role is to provide assistance in organizing events -- activities like booking rooms, renting equipments, etc. I work closely with other CSGSA execs, assisting them in organizing events. 


Karan is a master's student working on computer vision and machine learning with Dr. Irene Cheng. 

Fun Facts

I love playing sports, hiking and making new friends. Recently, I have developed an interest in dancing although I don't know much (so feel free to teach me 1-2 moves!). 

Director of Finance (Treasurer)

Sheila Schoepp (She/Her)


As the Treasurer, I am entrusted with the vital responsibility of managing the finances for both the Computing Science Graduate Students' Association (CSGSA) and the Turing Society (TS). In addition to overseeing budgetary matters, I play a key role in financial planning, expense tracking, and ensuring fiscal transparency within the two organizations. 


Sheila, a third-year Ph.D. student, is currently pursuing research in the exciting field of reinforcement learning within the context of continual learning. Her focus lies in understanding and advancing our knowledge of how reinforcement learning techniques can be applied in dynamic and ever-evolving environments.

Fun Facts 

Sheila is a huge fan of everything country! From the massive John Deere farm equipment to cowboy hats and boots. Growing up, she spent her free time riding ATVs and snowmobiles, jumping over hay bales, and building forts in the forest. One year, she even built an igloo! When it comes to music, Luke Combs and Lady Antebellum are at the top of her favourite artist list. And let's not forget about Yellowstone, one of her all-time favourite TV shows. Sheila is proud to say she is a true Albertan, born and raised, embracing the spirit and adventures of country life!

Director of Academics

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Mahdieh Mallahnezhad (She/Her)


Mahdieh is a first-year master's student with research interests in program synthesis and a strong desire to actively work toward creating an inclusive environment for all graduate students. :)

Fun Facts

After much introspection and a few all-nighters, I've realized that my fun facts, in a groundbreaking act of solidarity with Schroedinger's cat, exist in a state of quantum superposition - they're simultaneously fascinating and non-existent! Yes, my life in the world of computing science has been so thrilling that my fun facts have coded themselves into an alternate reality. Stay tuned as we are going to navigate this mysterious codebase! :D 


My role tries to create a bridge between Turing Society & EDI Committee and the CSGSA as well as oversee that the CSGSA remains an inclusive organization for all students. The lead of diversity and inclusion is accountable for ensuring that events are inclusive to everyone. 

Director of Communications and Digital Media

Samuel Iwuchukwu (He/Him)


The Publicity Director is primarily in charge of announcing various social and academic events to the students and the department. This role involves responding to e-mails and passing information to the students. Also, the Publicity Director maintains the CSGSA website by updating the front page with upcoming events and posting other items, such as photos from group events. 


Samuel is a second-year master's student that has the privilege of being supervised by Prof Abram Hindle researching code completion for visual programming tools which intertwines empirical software engineering,  systems simulation, neural networks, and Code Completion for Visual Programming Tools. 

Fun Facts

I love cycling and am completely blown away by good music especially listening to Anson Seabra's philosophical, piano-driven pop and recently Afrobeat songs from BurnaBoy and Rhema. I also love taking long walks to experience the ambiance of nature. Feel free to share with me any interesting songs you have, ranging from acapella to country-side music and soothing lyrical blues. You will always find me with my headphones :) 

Director of External Relations & Partnerships 

Mohammad Mahdi Maghouli (He/Him)


The VP of External Relations and Partnerships seeks to build relationships with local companies and organizations, propose joint events with such organizations and find new sources of funding. 


Director at Large

GSA Councillor

GSA Councillor Alternate

Past Executive Teams


President:  Sheila Schoepp

Vice President:  Dhruv Mullick (May - September 2022), Yanqing Wu

Vice President Operations: Vishwajeet Ohal

Vice President External Relations & Partnerships: Justin Stevens

Diversity and Inclusion Lead: Maliha Sultana, Niko Yasui

Member at Large: Sacha Davis, Mahdieh Mallahnezhad, Mahdi Maghouli

Treasurer: Daniela Teodorescu

Publicity Director: Shahin Atakishiyev (May-August 2022), Samuel Iwuchukwu 

GSA Councillor: Uduak Ituen (May-August 2022), Sajad Ramezani

GSA Councillor Alternate: Ty Lazar


President: Dawn McKnight

Vice-President: Rohan Saha

Treasurer: Varshini Prakash

Academic Director: Esra'a Saleh

Diversity and Inclusion Lead: J. Fernando Hernandez-Garcia

Publicity Director: Kalvin Eng

VP External Relations & Partnerships:  Michael Przystupa

Member at Large: Rejwana Haque

GSA Councillor: Ifaz Kabir

GSA Councillor Alternate:  J. Fernando Hernandez-Garcia


President: Doug Rebstock 

Vice-President: Shivam Garg 

Treasurer: Aidan Bush

Academic Director: Rohan Saha

Diversity and Inclusion Lead: Michael Przystupa

Publicity Director: Tanya Joon

VP External Relations & Partnerships: Fatima Davelouis

Member at Large: Christoph Sydora

GSA Councillor: J. Fernando Hernandez-Garcia

GSA Councillor Alternate: Kalvin Eng 


President: Juan Fernando Hernandez Garcia

Vice-President: Shadan Golestan

Treasurer: Athar Mahmoudi-Nejad

Academic Director: Sepehr Kazemian

Diversity and Inclusion Lead: Fatima Davelouis Gallardo

Publicity Director: Leticia Farias Wanderley

VP External Relations & Partnerships: Farnoosh Fatemi Pour

Member at Large: Abhishek Naik

GSA Councillor: Moein Owhadi Kareshk

GSA Councillor Alternate: Chris Sydora 


President: Ashley Herman

Vice-President (Fun): Mahdi Rahmani

Academic Director: Moein Owhadi Kareshk

Treasurer: Ehsan Kamalloo

Publicity Director: Pouneh Gorji

Diversity and Inclusion Lead (New Position): Taher Jafferjee

GSA Councillor: Dylan Ashley

GSA Councillor Alternate: Sara Soltaninejad


President: Erick Ochoa Lopez

Vice-President (Fun): Mehran Mahmoudi

Academic Director: Bernard Llanos

Co-Academic Director: Nouha Dziri

Treasurer: Juan Fernando Hernandez Garcia

Publicity Director: Shrimanti Ghosh

GSA Councillor: Melissa Woghiren

GSA Councillor Alternate: Shrimanti Ghosh, Juan Fernando Hernandez Garcia, Michael Disyak

Interim VP: Michael Disyak


President: Rodolfo Wottrich

Vice-President (Fun): Megha Panda

Academic Director: Vivek Veeraiah

Treasurer: Gautham Vasan

Publicity Director: Sepideh Hosseinzadeh

GSA Councillor: Roshan Shariff

GSA Councillor Alternate: (Vacant)


President: Marlos Machado

Vice-President (Fun): Zaheen Ahmad

Academic Director: Nadia Ady

Treasurer: Tim Yee

Publicity Director: Neda Aslsabbaghpour hokmabadi

GSA Councillor: Victor Guana Garces

GSA Councillor Alternate: Candy Pang


President: Hamman Samuel

Vice-President: Arash Karimi

Academic Director: Victor Guana

Treasurer: Joshua Campbell

Publicity Director: Sheehan Khan, Hamidreza Anvari

GSA Councillor: Neda Aslsabbaghpourhokmabadi

GSA Councillor Alternate: Candy Pang


President: Nathaniel Rossol

Vice-President (Fun): Marius Stanescu

Academic Director (New Position): Marios Fokaefs

Treasurer: Mohammed Elmorsy

Publicity Director: Talat Iqbal Syed

GSA Councillor: Hamman Samuel

GSA Councillor Alternate: (Vacant)


President: Richard Zhao

Vice-President (Fun): Saeed Mohajeri

Treasurer: Kevin Quinn

Publicity Director: Afra Abnar, Talat Iqbal Syed (Interim)

GSA Councillor: Hamman Samuel

GSA Councillor Alternate: Mohsen Hajiloo


President: Felicity Allen

Vice-President (Fun): Dave Churchill

Treasurer: Kit Chen

Publicity Director: Sheehan Khan

GSA Councillor: Hamman Samuel

GSA Councillor Alternate: Aaron Luchko


President: Rick Valenzano

Vice-President (Fun): Xiaoyu Shi

Treasurer: Nolan Bard

Publicity Director: Rich Gibson

GSA Councillor: Jess Enright

GSA Councillor Alternate: Aaron Luchko


President: Mike Johanson

Vice-President (Fun): Jacqueline Smith

Treasurer: Barry Gergel

Publicity Director: Sheehan Khan

GSA Councillor: Amin Jorati

GSA Councillor Alternate: (Vacant)


President: Neesha Desai

Vice-President (Fun): Dave Scnhizlein

Treasurer: Nicholas Boers

Publicity Director: Dave Chodos

GSA Councillor: Rick Valenzano

GSA Councillor Alternate: Kevin Waugh