What is Outreach?

Space Hardware Club's Outreach program allows our members to bring STEM both inside and outside of The University Of Alabama In Huntsville. Outreach is separated into three different sections. Clubreach events are when all current Space Hardware Club members come together, no matter what project they are in, to do fun activities. Inreach events allow Space Hardware Club members to show off different projects and recruit for students at The University Of Alabama In Huntsville. Outreach events allow Space Hardware Club members to go out in the community to get students from Kindergarten to Twelfth grade involved with STEM.

Interested in Outreach...

Contact Amber Porteous: amp0045@uah.edu

What's Outreach Been Up To?

Appreciation Day

Space Hardware Club members were able to celebrate the 2020-2021 school year. Although this year was very different from prior years due to COVID-19, Space Hardware Club was still able to progress as a student organization.

Tabling Event

Showing off some of our old projects to the University of Alabama in Huntsville students.

St. Pius X Space Week

Outreach was able to talk with the St. Pius X 3rd and 4th graders about the solar system and make paper rockets over Zoom.

College Academy

Outreach presented four class sessions about about the forces of flight for the College Academy Jemison High School students in order for them to make effective paper gliders.

FIRST Robotics Outreach

Outreach collaborated with the project ASTRA to create a rover presentation and a hands-on activity for the Small Town Robotics Team.

Trivia Night

Outreach put together a Trivia Night for Space Hardware Club Members to compete with each other in Kahoot for prizes.

Wall-E Movie Night

Outreach members setting up for a Space Hardware Club Movie Night for The University Of Alabama In Huntsville Week of Welcome.

3D Printed Face Shields

Outreach helping out with the coronavirus pandemic by 3D printing face shields for medical workers.

Outreach Ballooning


Space Hardware Club members at a local school getting ready to show the students high altitude ballooning.