Kiran Bhattacharyya

About me

Currently, I work as a machine learning scientist at a surgical robotics company called Intuitive Surgical Inc. in Atlanta, GA. In the past, I lived in Chicago where I completed my PhD at Northwestern University in 2019.

In my free time, I like making projects that explore the place models and representation have in our life, sometimes by creating weird interactive experiences. Many of these projects are in collaboration with my partner, Sara Milkes. I also like playing around with developing VR technology and mobile/web apps.

Selected publications

1) Bhattacharyya, KD, McLean, DL, MacIver, MA, "Visual threat assessment and reticulospinal encoding of calibrated responses in larval zebrafish,” Current Biology (2017). Cell Press.

2) Bhattacharyya, KD, Goldschmidt, BS, Viator, JA, "Detection and capture of breast cancer cells with photoacoustic flow cytometry,” Journal of Biomedical Optics 21,8 087007-087007 (2016). International Society for Optics and Photonics.

3) Bhattacharyya, KD, Eshein, A, Chandrasekhar, A, Viator, JA, "Quantitative photoacoustics to measure single cell melanin production and nanoparticle attachment,” Physics in medicine and biology 60,8 3081 (2015). IOP Publishing.

4) Bhattacharyya, KD, Goldschmidt, BS, Hannink, M, Alexander, S, Viator, JA, "Gold nanoparticle mediated detection of circulating cancer cells,” Clinics in laboratory medicine 32,1 89 (2012). NIH Public Access.

5) Bhattacharyya, KD, Mehta, S, Viator, JA, "Optically absorbing nanoparticle mediated cell membrane permeabilization,” Optics letters 37,21 4474-4476 (2012). Optical Society of America.

These and other publications available on the Google Scholar page.

Awards and honors

NSF Graduate Research Fellow | SPIE Scholarship in Optics and Photonics | Tau Beta Pi