Show Submissions

Want to submit your show or your podcast on K-Ty Radio Network? Here's all the things you need to know below:

  • Your show or podcast must be clean of expletive language and does not promote politics and/or religion nor does it promote hate crimes. No exceptions.
  • The show or podcast must be a minimum of 28 minutes and the maximum of 56 minutes long total.
  • You must allow us to accommodate 2 minutes at the bottom of the hour and 2 minutes at the top of the hour for commercial insert (this due to an agreement with the server company which gives us the server at a discounted rate) .
  • Your show or podcast must cost us nothing. This is a promo for your show or podcast and we expect to charge you nothing.
  • Your show or podcast will be crosslinked one another's web site. We will bring listeners to your site by linking to your web site, and we suggest that you do the same. Your show or podcast must be easily downloaded by us in an mp3 format (128 kbs or better). We are unable to go live, so everything must be recorded ahead of time.
  • Your show or podcast must be consistent.
  • Your show or podcast must use spoken english (the music can be in any language).
  • You are responsible for any royalties that need to be paid to BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC.
  • We reserve the right to play your show or podcast at any time slot. This is due to prevent scheduling conflicts, or if we find that your show fits a particular time slot for our audience. We also reserve the right to cancel your show or podcast without notice if we feel that your program does not fit the K-Ty Radio Network or if the show violates any or multiple terms listed above.