Rio Linda High School Library Mission Statement

The mission of the RLHS Library is to foster independent learning, critical thinking, and a love of reading. With the hope to provide students with the opportunity to become not only lifelong users of information, but also creators of information, the library will support the curriculum by collaborating with teachers, developing a collection that is representative of the community, and implementing literacy instruction for students.

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Hispanic Heritage month

Library Hours:

Open every day by 8:15, Mon. and Fri. open at 7:15...see tutoring schedule for specifics.  You do not have to need tutoring to be in library during tutoring!  All are welcome!

Mon-Fri all campus, in-person tutoring schedule click here:

In Library for an hour before and after school: Mon./Fri @7:15am, Tue/Thur@ 3:45pm

Closed Wed/Fri @ 3:45 unless prior arrangements made.