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Digital Citizenship Site Certifications 2017-18

2017-18 Site Submissions

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This year Each Site Gets To:

  1. Create a school vision
  2. Provide professional development to all educators (online available)
  3. One or more educators leads digital citizenship instruction on at least two full grade levels using Common Sense Education resources. All students at those grade levels must receive instruction. Schools have two options to meet student-instruction criteria:
    • On two grade levels, teach five lessons/modules/storylines/or two Digital Bytes,
    • OR on three grade levels, teach three lessons/modules/storylines/or one Digital Byte
  4. Engage parents school-wide in 3 ways
    • Assigned students homework that included their families
    • Coordinated a Digital Citizenship Week
    • Coordinated or hosted an event for families and/or caregivers on the importance of dig cit
    • Inserted a link to Common Sense Media on my teacher or school’s website
    • Distributed CS Family Tip Sheets
    • Distributed Family Media Agreement
    • Hosted a teen panel for families
    • Facilitated parent/caregiver discussion group
    • Embedded Common Sense blog widget on teacher or school website
    • Published article about the importance of digital citizenship in the school newsletter
  5. Save at least three pieces of documentation
Recommended Lessons for CommonSenseMedia

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