TRUSD Digital Citizenship Site Certifications

Spring 2017


Each Site Needs To:

  • Create your school's digital citizenship vision
  • Provide in-person or online professional development to staff.
  • Teach the Required Lessons and Fill Out the Teacher Worksheet
    • in two grades, teaching three hours, 45 minutes of digital citizenship instruction; (5 lessons)
    • OR in three grades (or more) teach two hours, 15 minutes of digital citizenship instruction. (3 lessons)
  • Submit 3 Pieces of Documentation (3 examples below)
    • Photos of students engaging in lessons
    • A sample of student work
    • A screenshot of, or a link to, your website showing a link to Common Sense
  • Engage with parents in 3 ways (3 examples below)
    • Distribute of at least one Common Sense Family Tip Sheet
    • Publishing an article about the importance of digital citizenship in the school newsletter.
    • Posting a link to Common Sense Media on the school website.
Recommended Lessons for CommonSenseMedia

Site Submissions

Suggested Timeline: Feb: Planning March-April: Lesson Implementation May: Application