Twin Valley Middle School

5th Grade Math & Science /

Mr. Hudy - 5th grade Math and Science:


Monday - H.L. 3.11 - Unit 3 Math Study Guide was passed out. Due this Friday - Optional to complete.

Tuesday - H.L. 3.12

Wednesday - H.L. 3.13

Thursday - H.L. 3.14

Friday- No Homework

**Study Island - 10 sections should be completed by Christmas break. All sections should be completed by April 1, 2020.

What do I do if I forget my math home link book? See steps below:

1. Go to the ConnectEd site:

2. Log in

3. Click on the brown box in the lower right hand side (EM at Home)

4. Click on Today's Home Link

5. The HL assigned for the day should come up....just print and you should be good to go.

Click here to go to Mrs. Worrell's website: