Twin Valley Middle School

5th Grade Math & Science /

Helpful Links for Online Learning

1. TVSD CONTINUITY OF EDUCATION Site: Great site for MS, HS and elem schedules, plus Tech Support

2. Mr. Basom's Zoom rooms

3. Block 1: Mr. Basom's Google Classroom

4. Block 2: Mr. Basom's Google Classroom

5. Suggested materials needed for Online School

      • Charged Chrome book
      • Slate/Dry erase marker OR Pencil (Pen) and Paper
      • Stylus to write on touchscreen for Journal pages, math boxes, home links, etc.

Kami Tutorial.mp4

Kami Tutorial

In this video, Miss Swan explains how to use Kami. Please watch if you have any Kami questions.

Helpful Tips for new 5th graders:

NOTE: Please check out the quick links on the left-hand side of this page for help to many of your questions about my class.

Here are some helpful tips from the first week of school:

1. Come to class every day with a fully charged chrome book

2. ALWAYS have a pencil in class.

3. What do I do if I forget my math home link book? See steps below:

1. Go to the ConnectEd site:

2. Log in (user name is capital TV+lunch number and password is the exact same thing)

3. Click on the brown box in the lower right hand side (EM at Home)

4. Click on Today's Home Link

5. The HL assigned for the day should come up....just print and you should be good to go.