Twin Valley High School Program of Studies


A Message from the Principal

The Twin Valley High School course catalog has been developed through a collaborative process involving your teachers, counselors, and administrators. Our goal is to meet the changing needs of every student while providing each of you the necessary 21st century skills required to be successful. It is important for you to take time to review the course catalog with your parents or guardians. Our counselors, teachers, and administrators will be happy to provide you the appropriate resources and support as you reflect on your future goals and make your final course selections. Regardless of your path following graduation, we urge you to select courses that will challenge you to learn and grow while meeting your needs and addressing your areas of interest. We have a wide range of electives to choose from; however, you may not get your first choice of electives as enrollment determines which elective courses will run.

We are committed to providing you the support you need to have a great high school experience.


William L. Clements

Principal, Twin Valley High School

School Board Of Directors

Mr. Gary McEwen, President Mrs. Christine Osborn, Vice President

Mr. Tim Arndt, Treasurer Mrs. Allison Bolt

Mr. John Burdy Mr. Jay Oliver

Mr. Jeffrey Horrocks Mr. Douglas Metcalfe

Mrs. Tracy Phillips Dr. Robert Pleis, Superintendent

High School Administration

Mr. William Clements, Principal Mr. Matthew Barber, Assistant Principal

Mr. John Guiseppe, Athletic Director

High School Counselors

Each student is assigned to a Twin Valley High School counselor by the first letter of their last name:

Mrs. Tiffany Perricone A – Fa

Dr. Michele O’Brien Fb – La

Mrs. Diana Gilbert Lb – Re

Mrs. Donna Larson Rf – Z

Mrs. Cynthia Murray, Transition Coordinator

Mrs. Randy Waterman, Guidance Secretary

Mrs. Grace Heckman, Guidance Secretary