TVCS School Safety


The Villages Charter School (VCS) will share, inform, and update students, staff, parents, and the community of timely information in the area of safety and security and mental health services. VCS strives to provide a high quality education, with a dedicated and concerned staff, in a safe, secure, worry-free environment. Safety is our top priority. 

Safety Protocols:

The Villages Charter School makes a continued effort to provide a safe environment for our students and staff. Our safety plan is under continuous review, with upgrades and improvements implemented as necessary. Provided below are the safety protocols VCS will implement. 

One School Resource Officer (Sumter County Sheriff’s Deputy) is assigned to each building and is on campus during school hours. One School Resource Officer is also assigned as an afternoon floater, and will patrol the entire campus from 2:30 PM to 10:30 PM. In addition, the School Resource Officer Supervisor and Administrator will be present as needed.

A Key card access system has been installed on all priority doors and gates. All staff members will be assigned a picture ID access card permitting them to access certain doors in certain buildings at specific times, as needed. 

Additionally, only one main entrance access door will be available for visitors/late arriving students to enter during the school day. Those entrances have a camera and audio system that permits front office personnel to see and talk with any person, before allowing them access. All visitors must state the reason for their entry and provide photo Identification. 

Security cameras are installed at strategic locations throughout the campus. These cameras are monitored by the Safety Specialists, Administrators, and School Resource Officers.

School Staff will enforce the need for compliance of all students wearing their picture ID at all times on campus. We ask parents to encourage their students to wear their ID cards as an essential part of our safety initiatives. Displaying a school-issued picture ID is part of the campus-wide VCS dress code policy.  

VCS regularly conducts emergency drills as required by Florida State Statute. These drills will vary in scope and detail as determined with input and participation by the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department.

The Fortifyfl tip line website is bookmarked on all student Chrome books and school computers for easy access. This allows students and parents to submit an anonymous tip concerning anything that might affect student or school safety.  There are Fortifyfl posters displayed in the buildings as required by law.

We constantly emphasize the importance of school safety and encourage positive, proactive dialog and suggestions from and between students and staff.

Our Safety & Mental Health Department Can be Reached at (352) 259-6865 


Tom Jacques

Safety Specialist 

Brandin Sullivan 

Safety Specialist

Tara Milow 

Campus Logistics

School Safety Contact 

(352) 259-6865

Florida Department of Children and Family Services  866-762-2237 or 352-330-2162

Child Abuse Hotline – 800-962-2873   

GetFortifyFl – Suspicious Activity Reporting App

National Suicide Prevention Hotline (Call or Text)   988

Sumter County Sheriff’s Department –       352-569-1600 -

SPEAK OUT – ANONYMOUS TIP LINE –     800-423-TIPS (8447)