Hi friends!

I am so excited to be continuing my journey in education. I started working in this field in 2003! I love love love being a counselor because I get to build relationships with students, their parents and the staff at my school. Being a counselor means that I get to help people cope with emotions. I may not have all the right words, but I can always give an encouraging smile and try to help you come with the best solution for your situation.

In my spare time, I enjoy crafting with my daughter, baking treats for my friends and jogging in my neighborhood.

I look forward to building a relationship with you all this school year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have an questions, comments or concerns.


Crafty Cool Counselor

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The administration, faculty, and staff at Southview Elementary School are dedicated to a “zero” tolerance for bullying behavior. This does not mean that is does not happen, but it does mean that we work hard to address these issues quickly and effectively as we can when we become aware of them. We have implemented a system wide anti bullying program entitled HALT. Harassment Awareness Learning Together.

We encourage you to help in this endeavor to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for your child at school by reporting incidents of bullying behavior to us as well as talking to your child about bullying behavior. If we all work together we can stop it. We have to teach our kids that fighting is not the answer.

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