tech resources

Here you will find your one stop shop for all of your tusd tech resources. click on a button to find more information and resources.

The New Teacher Resource has all of the resources a new teacher needs to get started. Here, you will find resources like connecting to staff wifi, configuring email on your personal device, accessing web mail, and much more!

The Tech Resources tab has some great resources to assist you with your tech integration. Here you will find resources like signing In and Out of Google and Chrome, Integrating the 4Cs, All Things Google, SAMR and much more!

The Clever resources tab has everything you need to get going with Clever. Here you will find Clever resources for Benchmark, Typing Agent, SpringBoard, and DreamBox.

The School City resources tab has everything you need to get going with School City. Here you will find resources for using GradeCam, Sharing Assessments, AKO Assessments, and Paper and Online Test Directions. You will also find How-To Videos.

The Digital Citizenship resources tab has some great resources to support you in delivering digital citizenship lessons. You will find template presentations for Cyberbullying, Internet Safety, and Digital Footprint and TUSD PSA's for each area.

Want to follow TechInTUSD on social? Want tech tips sent directly to you? Check out the Connections tab. Here you will find links to TechInTUSD on social, a link to the Taking a Byte Out of Ed Tech blog and podcast, and the TechInTUSD Remind group.

The TechInTUSD YouTube Channel tab links you to our official YouTube page. here you will find how-to videos on all things ed tech.

The Tech Standards tab links you to the ISTE Standards for Administrators, Teachers, Students, and Coaches.

The Project GROW tab links you to TUSD's offical badge project website.

Project GROW is TUSD's tech PD initiative that promotes technology professional development.