Rachael McAnany

Rachael McAnany, Assistant Principal, Edison Preparatory School

My passion for providing students with comprehensive and robust educational experience to be college and career ready stems from university experience. I had the pleasure of working for The University of Tulsa for many years serving as both the Director of Sports Medicine Curriculum and Assistant Professor. Additionally, I served as a higher education representative for newly hired teachers in Northeast Oklahoma and student teacher supervisor for The University of Tulsa. In my capacity I witnessed far too many college freshman entering the university lacking both experience in rigorous coursework and non cognitive skills to manage the demands of college curriculum and expectation. Sadly students that enter college are required to take remedial coursework. Remedial coursework cost money and is not counted towards a students degree plan. The best advise that I can provide to students is "do high school coursework while you are in high school"

Students at Edison are provided opportunities that meet their not only interest areas but their academic strengths. Between the home and school together we provide a positive and supportive extension of one another with a common goal of college and career readiness. Edison Preparatory School is an Advanced Placement Diploma High School and offers a wide variety of AP courses including AP Seminar and AP Research. Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, the WE program will be a component of the AP Human Geography and AP Studio Art Program. The WE program in collaboration with Collegeboard provides students with a service element that promotes global and community awareness.

On a personal note, I have two children; my son, Blake is a graduate student at The University of Southern California earning a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering. My daughter, Blair is a junior at The University of Kansas working on requirements for the Physician Assistance Program and completing a degree in Behavioral Sciences and Psychology. My children left me with their two dogs; Auby and Mickey. Auby is a Giant Schnauzer and Mickey a Scottish Terrier. These two are quite the handful and continue to get into mischief which keeps me busy. My husband Kirk is an educator and is the voice at One Oak Field. If you attend any Tulsa Drillers or Tulsa Roughneck games then you are sure to have heard him.

I am a proud graduate of The University of Tulsa where I earned a Bachelors of Science. My graduate degree is from The University of West Virginia where I was staff athletic trainer for the Mountaineers.