TUHS takeout

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT! For the time being, takeout no longer offers first lunch orders on A days only! A day order avalibility will consist of morning orders, office lunch, and second lunch. B day order shedules will remain the same still offering first lunch orders as well as all the other order times. For more information go to the Important Annoucnment tab at the top of the website. Please email tuhstakeout@ttsd.k12.or.us with any and all questions regarding this change!

TUHS Takeout is a student run bussiness through ABP that allows for all staff to order food from select options each day! Orders are placed through the linked google form under each day and delivered during their designated lunch.

Order Schedule:

Order Cutoffs:

Morning Order by: 9:30am

Delivery: 10:30-35am

1st Lunch Order by: 11:00am

Delivery: 12:10-15pm

Counseling/ Main Office Lunch Order 11:45 am

Delivery: 12:55-1:05pm

2nd Lunch Order By: 12:15pm

Delivery: 1:35-1:45pm

 Order your Takeout and Check out our options!

Takeout offers different select options for food each day to be able to accommodate all of your favorite places! Click on the logos for menu access. Then click order here to place your order! We also have a new addition to our surveys that allows for staff to write in and place an order from an establishment that is not on the order list already!





Important Note: 5 Guys opens at 12pm, first lunch orders will not be able to be delivered until 12:20-25 if you chose to order from 5 Guys! (Main/ Counseling office and 2nd Lunch delivery times are not affected by this!)


Thank you for your order!




Email TUHS Takeout regarding any questions with orders, deliveries, payments etc.