The Brimstone Chronicles

End of the Last Great Kingdom, Book One

by Victor Rose

In Sulphurium the enlighten, whose with magic, are tested at the edge of adulthood to see if they have what it takes to become mages. For Leaf, an orphan who has not awaken his powers yet the trials are insurmountable. However, by the skin of his teeth, Leaf manages to pass and is reborn as Mage Brimstone. Just as Brimstone becomes comfortable with his new life, the Order arrives and turns his world upside down. They intend to use him as a political and military pawn. Brimstone and friends will need to learn quickly if they ever hope to survive.

The Brimstone Chronicles is a dark fantasy series following the life of the Mage Brimstone. The story is fast-paced and filled with unique characters and captivating creatures. Be warned this series is not for the faint of heart. Death and suffering lie around every corner, and not even the innocent are safe.

Extinction of the Enlighten, Book Two

by Victor Rose

Coming Soon

Sixty-five years past since Brimstone and his friends returned to Central but for Brimstone it's as if time has stood still. A new enemy, the Wizards, has risen. They are the sworn enemy to all Enlighten. Brimstone and his new apprentice Sarah will be hunted like never before. Can Brimstone stop the Wizards before it's too late?