Getting Started

You could save thousands

If you don't mind doing a little work on your home, you could save thousands!!!!

These are the steps that must be followed to buy a foreclosure.

  1. Get Pre-qualified - It's a must and it's free with the right mortgage company. It also let's us know the range of homes that we can target.
  2. Preview homes: We will target an area that you like and preview foreclosures in that area.
  3. Fill out the contract - Once we find a home that you like, we fill out the contract. It's very easy, it only takes about 10 minutes. You will need an earnest deposit check that is refunded if you don't win the bid.
  4. We submit your offer to the government - Once we finish the offer I will submit it to the government and wait for a response.
  5. Get ready to move - We have 45 days to close on your home so let's get ready to clean and paint!!

This is a very exciting and smart way to buy a home if you're not afraid of a little work. The home I bought in October 98 needed some repairs, but I didn't mind because I got it for more than $30,000 under value. If you have any questions about foreclosures please contact me.

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