Mrs. Davidson's

First Grade

Welcome to Room 4

Please feel free to contact me anytime you have questions, suggestions, or concerns. I typically check my email three times during school hours: once before school, once at lunch, and once after school. However, if you need to change transportation or get an immediate message to me, please call the school office at the number listed above. Sometimes we get so busy learning, and I don't always check my email as often as I'd like. Calling the school office ensures that messages get delivered to me promptly.

Phone: 765-538-3875 ext.

Grinder Goals

We are Respectful.

We are Cooperative.

We are Responsible.

We do What’s Right.

We do our Best.


I am proud to be a student at Mayflower Mill.

Today I will do the right thing and treat people right.

I promise to be the best I can be!



We believe all students deserve a safe and structured learning environment. We believe all students deserve to be surrounded by dedicated adults who believe in them, encourage them, and have high expectations for their success. We believe all students deserve teachers who utilize a wide variety of instructional strategies to help them achieve. We believe all students deserve opportunities to experience the world around them and to become productive citizens in a global society. We also believe that parents are our partners in education and play a key role in student success. As a school community, we will strive each day to give all of our students the tools they need to become responsible well-educated citizens.