Syllabus for All Classes

Mr. Charles (Al) Roberson, M.Ed.
TSB email -
TSB phone (direct line) - (615) 514-3098


  • Student communication will be done in class and/or via their TSB email account. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate with Mr. Roberson their needs. If absent, students should check in via email or phone to see if there is anything they can do while out. If a student knows about an absence ahead of time, they should check with Mr. Roberson before the absence.

  • Parent communication will be done via email accounts and/or phone numbers listed in the TSB Skyward student management system. Parents should make sure these are correct - changes can be made through the TSB School Office.


  • Middle School Science (6th, 7th, 8th grades)

  • Middle School Social Studies (6th, 7th, 8th grades)

  • Elementary School Reading (5th grade only - small group)

  • High School United States Government and Civics

SCHEDULE (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
1st Period = 6th/7th grade Science
2nd Period = 6th/7th grade Social Studies
3rd Period = 8th grade Science
4th Period = 8th grade Social Studies
5th Period = Lunch/UPA/Elementary Reading (TN All Corps)
6th Period = Planning Period for Mr. Roberson
7th Period = High School U.S. Government and Civics
8th Period = Middle School Intervention

1st Period = Lion's Club Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum (6th and 7th grades)
2nd Period =
TSB O&MMM Café participation and socialization
3rd Period =
Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) class
4th Period = Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) class
5th Period = Lunch

Half day for students each Friday. Teachers use remainder of the day for meetings and/or planning.

Special Note on Schedules: Due to holidays or special events, some weeks may be adjusted. The schedules above are for most of the school year.

TSB GRADING SCALE (changed for the 2022/2023 school year)
A = 90 - 100%
B = 80 - 89%
C = 70 - 79%
D = 60 - 69%
F = 0 - 59%
I = Incomplete

All grades will fall into one of the following categories...

  • Employability

  • Classwork/Homework

  • Formative/Summative Assessments

  • Literacy

  • Projects and Special Activities

Employability - This category encompasses a variety of areas (preparedness; communication; behavior; quality of work; attendance) that tie into ECC skills visually impaired students need for future success. Students will reflect on their week and issue themselves zero, one, or two points in each area on a rubric - with a maximum of ten points for the week. The percentage of points earned out of the ten will be placed in Skyward as their weekly employability grade.

Classwork/Homework - Generally, all work for Mr. Roberson will be done within our classroom at TSB. Any work needing to be done as homework may be work not done or completed during class time.

Formative/Summative Assessments - This category contains quizzes and test given during units of study. Generally, students will be notified of these assessments with plenty of time to prepare - especially tests. "Pop Quiz" situations will always be unannounced and students will be able to use resources to answer questions.

Literacy - In this category, students are expected to know what are learning (to be in the moment). They should demonstrate their knowledge of a topic in application and/or how to tie it to real-world connections. On each summative assessment, their will be at least one or two Literacy specific situations that will require student responses - mirroring formal state testing questions. At TSB, we benchmark students in the areas of reading and mathematics. Since reading is critical to Mr. Roberson's classes, these benchmark assessments will be factored into this Literacy category each quarter. More details (including a rubric) will be shared at a later time.

Projects and Special Activities - For each unit of study, students will be asked to do a project or a special activity. Details about this assignment will be communicated to students via our Google Classroom and to parents via email - including timelines for completion, grading, etc.

Extra Credit - Mr. Roberson does not offer extra credit, but there are Extra Grade Opportunities (EGOs) that can be done by the class or by individual students. EGO grades will either be added to Formative/Summative Assessments or the Projects and Special Activities category. Mr. Roberson will communicate these opportunities to students and parents as they arise throughout the year - along with procedures for completion and the location of EGO details.

For each class, Mr. Roberson follows the
grade-level curriculum standards directed by the State of Tennessee Department of Education. At TSB, we do not have adopted materials for these classes (at this time) so materials are being pulled from various sources. If a parent has a concern about materials, please see the next section (Procedure for Parent Access to Instructional Materials).

Procedure for Parent Access to Instructional Materials - Tennessee law (Public Chapter 660) requires that parents or guardians be allowed to view instructional materials being used with their students. TSB parents guardians who wish to view materials should submit a request in writing to the teacher. In addition, parents should seek clarification from the teacher about any assignment or instructional material about which they have concerns. Unresolved concerns may then be brought to the attention of school administration.


Expectations (Rules) - Students should follow all rules and expectations listed in the TSB Student and Parent Handbook (found on the TSB website). In the classroom, Mr. Roberson expects all students to "Find the Good" in themselves and "have the eye of the TSB tiger" - Be Safe; Be Respectful; Be Responsible - in all aspects of their day.

Bullying - Bullying is not tolerated at TSB nor in Mr. Roberson's classroom. Bullying means... harmful actions repeated more than once to hurt or control others (HARM). When you see bullying... show you disapprove, tell an adult, offer support, and promise never to bully others (STOP).

Rewards - Mr. Roberson is a firm believer in rewarding students for positive things in and outside the classroom. Mr. Roberson will issue Tiger Tickets to both his middle and high school students. It is the responsibility of the student to keep up with their Tiger Tickets (as they will not be replaced if lost or stolen). Students may use their Tiger Tickets in the store provided by the TSB Guidance Department and/or for items/privileges with Mr. Roberson's classroom. Students may need to use Tiger Tickets to obtain materials they need.

Food and Drinks - Generally, food and drinks within a classroom are a distraction. Students should not bring food (including candy) into the classroom unless it is given by Mr. Roberson as a reward. Items from the TSB O&MMM Café are acceptable, but should be finished in the class they were ordered. Café items should not be brought into Mr. Roberson's room from another class (some exceptions may apply but the student must communicate these issues). Water bottles are acceptable at any time in Mr. Roberson's classroom. Remember that food and drinks within the classroom is not a right but a privilege (including bottled water). This privilege can be revoked on a class or individual basis at any time.

Chewing Gum - This is always allowed in Mr. Roberson's classroom. Like food and drink, it is not a right but a privilege. This privilege can be revoked on a class or individual basis at any time.

Technology - Students are encouraged to use technology issued to them by TSB (laptops, Braille displays, iPads, etc.). All middle and high school students are issued a laptop and/or iPad by TSB. Students should not be using personal devices (cell phones, etc.) during class. If a personal device is needed, this should be arranged with Mr. Roberson.

Google Site/Classroom - Mr. Roberson has created the "Mr. Roberson's Online Information Network" (MROIN) for students and parents. This information should be fully accessible for all visual impairments. You can access the network by using - students will need to log into their TSB Google Account for full access. Students will be given codes to join their specific class Google Classroom pages. Parents who wish to view materials will need to sit down with their student to view.

Materials - Students will use Mr. Roberson's Google Site and Google Classroom to access materials. Printed materials should be kept in a binder or folder specific to the class. If a student uses one binder for all their classes, they should use dividers to separate different class materials. Organization can be personalized per student - Mr. Roberson is only concerned about making sure students have the items needed when asked in class. After each unit, Mr. Roberson will help students remove materials, but students should never throw things away - as they may need these for future cumulative assessments such as semester and/or final exams. Mr. Roberson will have folders in class for students who need these or replacements.

Corrections to Assessments - Students who score below 0 - 69% on Formative/Summative Assessments will have an opportunity to make corrections and/or complete alternatives - after the initial assessment is graded and returned. Corrections to assessments is always optional and due dates will be strictly followed for this activity. Once corrections are made, students will receive their final grade on the assessment and this grade will stand. The maximum grade a student can earn with corrections will be 70%. Communication about corrections will be made to students and parents.

Late Work - Late work is generally not acceptable. If an assignment is going to be delayed, it is the responsibility of the student (not the parent) to communicate (via email and/or speaking) with Mr. Roberson - this is to foster responsibility and advocacy in the student (ECC skills). All special circumstances will be considered on an individual basis, but please don't make delays a habit. Mr. Roberson understands that circumstances arise at times and will be happy to work with any student who approaches him regarding this issue. Parents are welcome to "follow-up" if they are concerned, but students should make the initial contact with Mr. Roberson.

Holidays and Breaks - Mr. Roberson will not assign work to be completed over holidays or long breaks during the school year. Due dates for assignments will not fall immediately after these periods as well. If there is an assignment and a holiday/break falls within the timeframe of the assignment, students are not required to work on the assignment during the holiday/break - this time has been factored into the assignment.

Inclement Weather or School Closures - If an assignment is due within a timeframe that TSB is out due to inclement weather and/or a school closure, students should be prepared to turn in the assignment when they return. If an assignment is going to be delayed, students should follow reference the Late Work area.

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