1:1 Digital Learning

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The Trumbull Public Schools successfully launched a 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative for our middle school students beginning in January 2018. This program provides ongoing opportunities to improve student learning through technology-rich classrooms that support our curriculum goals. Over the last several years, the Trumbull Public Schools has invested a great deal of time and resources into purchasing and upgrading technology, funding technology integration specialists in each of our schools, and providing ongoing professional development for teachers and staff in order to better support students in developing 21st-century skills.

As part of this initiative, each of our students in grades 6, 7, and 8 receive an assigned Chromebook. Chromebooks are a low-cost personal computer that run over a Wi-Fi network designed to interact with various web applications and web tools. Students are permitted to take the Chromebook home each day throughout the school year. Each student is provided with a case that must be kept on the device at all times. In addition, students receive a charger which is to be kept at home. Devices are expected to come to school each day fully charged. At the end of the school year, the device are collected and reissued to the student in the fall.

In order to help maintain our investment, the district has created an insurance program to cover any repairs or replacement of damaged equipment resulting from normal use or theft of the device for the cost of $30 per year. Below you will find the information regarding the insurance program and how to enroll. Parents are highly encouraged to purchase the insurance. If a parent does not elect to purchase the insurance the family will be responsible for any repairs or replacement costs. Families experiencing economic hardship may request a fee waiver by contacting the appropriate school administrator and following the process outlined in the Pay to Participate Policy - 5138.

The integration of technology into our curriculum provides all students with a learning environment that is conducive to ongoing communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking that will help better prepare students for college and careers.