2021 Enrollment forms can be found on each schools' page of this site.

Opening dates for program are as follows:

Ludlow- September 7th

Mount Holly School-September 13th

Cavendish Town-September 13th

Chester Andover-September 13th

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For 15 years now we have been providing high quality after school programming throughout the SU. Starting in Black River Middle School, we quickly opened programs in Mount Holly and Ludlow Elementary School. Since our consolidation, after school programming has become one of the premier drivers for TRSU's equity objectives; to bring greater educational opportunities to all students. With support from district administration, building principals, school staff, and parents we are happy to have achieved the honor of serving all elementary schools within the district.

The TRSU After School programs now serve children in grades K-6 at Ludlow Elementary, Mount Holly School, Cavendish Town Elementary School, and Chester-Andover Elementary School, both during the school year and for 8 weeks during the summer. With our capacity to serve more than 500 students, we are delighted to serve more than 200 students daily throughout the year. In total more than 300 students access our programs yearly.

The mission of the TRSU After School program is to provide it’s students and their families with expanded opportunity for learning and recreation in collaboration with schools, the recreation departments, local government, community organizations and families.

With free and reduced lunch numbers throughout the district ranging from 70% to 50%, our main focus is on serving the needs of working families. We are open daily at most sites from the first day of school until June. We are open on vacation days and in-service days, making parents jobs easier and giving kids a seamless transition.

The ASP provides more than 850 hours of academic support to students through homework club, tutoring, and math support groups each year. In most cases licensed classroom teachers lead these activities and have the opportunity to reteach and support student learning. We provide more than 150 healthy snacks daily, teach social skills, and provide emotional support to families. Lastly, we give students and families the opportunity to enroll their child in enrichment activities. These include STEM projects, extended library hours, music lessons, comic book design, video production, ZUMBA classes, CPR certification, archery, photography and so much more. Providing after school care is more than just a safe place to stay or a place to hang out, our students are achieving monumental gains academically while practicing the social and emotional skills so vital to leading a healthy life.

After school programming is equally important during the summer. We currently serve our seven TRSU communities at one large summer program. Each year for seven weeks Go WILD (Wilderness Inspired Learning Daily) serves more than 110 students as they explore the forest at West Hill in Ludlow. These out of school hours give students the opportunity to continue learning throughout the summer while having fun, partnering with local recreation programs, town resources, and community programs.

Over the last few years we have had the opportunity to not only create meaningful experiences for children, but to see the growth and measure the strides we are making. For the past three years we have been able to collect and analyze standardized testing data. Students who regularly attend after school programming continue to outshine their peers by decreasing summer learning loss, and continuously showing growth and stability throughout the year.

We are thrilled to be part of your community, and look forward to creating amazing experiences for all students within the SU. Thank you for supporting our programs!


Venissa White

TRSU After School Program Director