Guidance Office

Our Mission:

The GM guidance office is committed to accepting all students without judgement.

Our job is to educate and empower our school community. We promote hope, self growth, and real human connections.

Ben's Bells visits GM!

Cody Foss from the Connecticut Ben's Bells studio in Bethel delivered a message to both Middle School and High School students on December 7th about the importance of kindness. Ask your student about the assembly and the powerful story behind the origin of Ben's Bells.

Our Staff:

Pam O'Neil - School Counselor for grades 10-12 - (802) 875-4108

Ally Oswald - School Counselor for grades 7-9 - (802) 875-4110

Jessica Kessler - School Based Clinician - (802) 875-4111

Shannon Parker - Administrative Assistant - (802) 875-4117

Brittnay Merrill - Student Assistant Professional - (802) 875-4172