Two Rivers Supervisory Union

Section 721 Proposal

Ludlow/Mt. Holly to join Mill River Unified Union School District

Act 721 informational meeting.05.22.17iii.pdf
2017_05-18_AGENDA__721 Merger- Ludlow & Mount Holly Town School Boards.PubRelations.pdf
2017-05-01_MINUTESunapproved721 MergerPRCommittee.pdf
2017_05-25_AGENDA_Informational Presentation_721 Merger@ MountHolly School_Mt. Holly & Ludlow School Boards.pdf
2017_05-23_AGENDA_Informational Presentation_721 Merger@ Ludlow-Mt. Holly & Ludlow School Boards.pdf
2017_05-09_AGENDA_Informational Meeting Presentation_721 Merger-Mt. Holly & Ludlow School Boards.pdf
Act 721 informational meeting.pdf
2017_04-24_AGENDA_Informational Meeting_721 Merger-Mt. Holly & Ludlow School Boards..pdf
Facts about Mill River UUSD.pdf
721 Merger Fact Sheet.pdf
LudlowSchoolDistrict721Warning (2).pdf
721- Ludlow and Mt. Holly to join with MRUUSD
FINAL TRSU PROPOSAL for SBE 4.5.17. rec.d 04.13.17.pdf
2017_04-13_AGENDA_revised_TRSU_721 Merger_MH&LUDLOW_PRsub committee.pdf