About Us

Quintin Johnson


Having been blessed to grow up in the world of CNC machining, I knew early on it was the path I wanted to pursue. Inspired by Todd and Tyler, I earned a degree in Machine Tool Technology program at Alexandria Technical College. My education gave me a solid foundation on which to build on my passion for business development and serving the industry. I am dedicated to developing people and creating a culture that inspires people to pursue excellence. My hope for our team is that we become fulfilled in our careers; and what we learn at Trinity Tool spills over into our relationships with family, friends, and how we impact our communities.

Tyler Johnson

Vice President

Director of Manufacturing

I have been with Trinity Tool from the start. I went to Alexandria Technical College and graduated with a degree in Machine Tool Technology. I have since been relentless in my pursuit of excellence in the Machining Industry and aim to learn and grow with our team.

In Loving Memory

Todd Johnson


I am a second generation machinist that developed a passion for this industry after I was given the opportunity to program a CNC Machine nearly 30 years ago. Things just evolved from there as I was exposed to different types of machines and processes all the while gaining insight into advanced machining techniques. The natural progression for my career seemed to take me down the road of management and then into sales/estimating. I was blessed to work with some very talented and patient mentors that helped elevate me which ultimately allowed me to consider the notion of starting my own shop. In 2006 I did just that armed with a real passion for the trade and even more passion to find customers that desire to work with a company whose mission it is to become a genuine extension of their own operations. I am further blessed to have 2 of my sons working in different capacities within the organization both exemplifying that same passion that has fueled me throughout my career. It has been a challenging but rewarding experience as I navigate the ever changing business climate along with the rapid technological advances that press you stay current or get left behind. There are a lot of machine shops that are capable of making parts but our goal is to make a difference for our customers allowing them to be more competitive, quicker to market and offer world class quality in respect to their products. I remain positive about the future understanding that you have to embrace change and surround yourself with talent that is never satisfied to be good enough.