Technology Group


Language Technology is an important aspect of our business. It helps productivity, enhances workflows and ensures quality, just to mention a few of the benefits.

If you are a translator and feel that translation technologies weren’t made for you or are hard to access, join us and help us change this!

We believe that translators should be involved in all technology developments and have their voice heard loud and clear.

We believe that there is a chance for us to build and support communities around free/open source translation tools so that we can benefit from the advancement of productivity tools.

You don’t need to be a computer scientist or tech-savvy, talk to us about your needs as a user.

Join the Translation Commons Technology Group today!

Write to and let us know how to contact you.

About Translation Commons Technology Group

The Technology Think Tank is a place where all sectors of our industry can exchange views on technology, discuss existing and future projects as well as create a roadmap for technology related issues in our industry.

Objectives of Translation Commons Technology Group

We hope to be able to generate partnerships that can lead to grants for development and find opportunities to address as many “pain points” as we can.

Project Specifics

  • Interoperability project: Partnership between LTAC and TTT based on Linport project
  • List of free open source language tools and applications
  • Training courses for free/open-source tools