IYIL 2019 Group

Translation Commons is establishing a partnership with IYIL 2019

Translation Commons' vision is to create a world without communication barriers where no language and no linguist is left behind.

When UNESCO announced the initiative to create awareness for indigenous languages, it was immediately understood that through a partnership with IYIL we could reach more cultures and people who need our help.

More details

Translation Commons is mobilizing all the language professionals to assist indigenous languages.

Active Projects

  1. Organize a series of awareness generating Universities Events during October 2019
  2. Adapt material for indigenous languages on the TC Learning Center
  3. Organize a Hackathon for digital needs of indigenous languages
  4. Co-organize and advise on a Language Technology conference at the UNESCO HQ in Paris for Dec 2019, company sponsors needed too

For Indigenous Languages

If you are a group of indigenous people, a nonprofit or any team working with indigenous languages and there are projects you would like us to do and they fall under the above mentioned projects, please fill this form and it will automatically get published in the Requests below. If you need something that is not included in the projects above, please write to krista@translationcommons.org

For Language Professionals

If you would like to join any of the TC projects listed above or suggest a new one, please fill in this form. For example, you can help add educational materials on the TC Learning Center, you can help organize any of the projects, or you may want to join the Translation Commons IYIL 2019 Group to help coordinate them all. Or you can always write to krista@translationcommons.org

Requests from Indigenous Languages

IYIL Volunteers