Meditation & Stress

The Meditation and Stress User-experience Survey

Steps through the Home page:

  1. Watch the promotional Video, read along with the transcript (1.06 minutes)
  2. Read the short Information Statement. (Optional: Watch the full Introduction and Information Statement Video, read along with the transcript. (6.08 minutes) and print the Information Statement)
  3. Read the short Consent Statement (Optional: Read the full Consent Statement or Contact Bruce if you have any questions)
  4. Fill in the first Survey form (5 minutes)
  5. You will be sent a link to learn how to Meditate with Jesus

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1. Promotional Video (1.06 minutes)



Hello I’m Bruce Thompson

I’d like your help to develop an important part of a comprehensive program for people with early-stage dementia.

Apparently, chronic stress can increase your risk of getting dementia.

Most stress-control programs use techniques like yoga and eastern meditation, but some of the older Christian people I know, aren’t comfortable using these techniques.

So I’d like to offer those people an alternative called “Meditating with Jesus”, a simple, free, Bible-based way of spending 20 quiet minutes a day with Jesus as a way of controlling their long-term stress.

If you are an adult, I invite you to try “Meditating with Jesus” and give me feedback on it. I’d also like to see if it affects the amount of stress you feel.

Your participation in the Meditation and Stress User-experience Survey might help prevent dementia, or relieve stress for that older person you know.

It might even work for you!

Visit my website.

Find out more information.

Please join me for this survey.

2. Introduction and Information

While you are learning to meditate with Jesus I would like to test if your stress levels change.

The short Perceived Stress Scale will be used to measure your stress levels when you start, then one month later and finally 6 months later. Each survey will take about 5 to 10 minutes. You will be asked to give some feedback on your experience with "Meditating with Jesus" with the last two surveys.

Your personal results will be emailed to you when you complete the final survey.

I will calculate the average results, to see how effective "Meditating with Jesus" is at relieving stress. These results and anonymous data will released on this website after the survey is finished.

You can withdraw from the survey at any time by ignoring my reminder emails, or by contacting me.

You can read (or watch) the full Information Statement here.

3. Consent to join the Meditation and Stress User-experience Survey

  • I am happy to help Bruce with this survey
  • I understand the information statement and privacy policy
  • I understand that I can freely withdraw at any time.
  • I understand that I am giving my consent to participate by completing and submitting the survey form below.

You can read the detailed Consent information here.

4. Complete the first Perceived Stress Scale to join the survey (5 minutes) and learn to meditate with Jesus

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